Daily Prompt: Tardy is my Middle Name

Feldbrunnen to River Aar 28.10 (1)

Today I had my first lesson discovering that you cannot go everywhere with a wheelchair. I am not as fast as I used to be, actually very slow and everyone has to wait for me which is one of the reasons why I now take my walks in a wheelchair. It gets me to where I want to go, I can travel further and there is a whole new world waiting for me with my camera. Everyone assures me that I have made a good choice.

Me tardy? Not with a wheelchair. However, I discovered today that not every path welcomes a wheelchair especially after a day of rain. I decided to take a wheelie, not too far, and I remembered I have not yet been on the path along the river turning to the left. Up to now I have only explored the right side on wheels. No problem for me, I am now a profi in the wheelchair, over stick and stone and up and down slopes. There is no limit to my possiblities, at least I thought so.

I took the downward path to the river bank which is smooth and paved. I just had to adjust the seat to a slight backwards lean, as the path was downhill. At the bottom of the path I crossed a slight border and then I was ready to attack the river path (see photo). The path then attacked me, and instead of driving straight ahead my chair took a right angle into a rut in the path, towards the river. No worry, the river was still far enough away.

I reversed the chair and discovered it did not want to reverse, it was stuck in the rut. I was alone on the path. I decided not to panic and call Mr. Swiss to pull me out of my position. I got out of the wheel chair and grabbed my stick which I always take with me. I have a special holder on the wheelchair. I discovered that walking with the stick and minipulating the wheelchair was not a solution. I clung onto the wheelchair, got to the driving controls and manoevred it out of its fixed predicament back onto the straight path manually. I took my seat again, reversed the wheelchair and left the path. This was not just tardy, but a dangerous situation.

I decided to carry on regardless and afterwards stuck to the village paths, taking a few photos on the way of a some interesting garden ornaments. I then realised that there are limits to my walking capabilities, but also to the possiblities of wheelchair driving.


As you can see, I do have a horn on my steering for the chair, in the case of emergencies, but today I did not need it, although it would have been a possiblity.

Daily Prompt: Tardy is my Middle Name

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tardy is my Middle Name

    • It wasn’t so much mud, the mud had dried out and formed an invisible slope into a rut in the ground. I was really taken by surprise. I thought I could go anywhere, but realised there are limits. Our rain has now dried out a bit, but Switzerland is one big paddy field at the moment.

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  1. Great job, you sure are resourceful. When I had to have my scooter I was offered a choice of wheel sizes and grips. Some were better for inside or paved surfaces, others were larger and better for lawn and off road. Best wishes. Hugs

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    • I also had a choice with the wheels. There are those that you have to pump up now and again as they lose air, and the more expensive that are made of hard rubber and never lose air. I took the more expensive as I am not prepared to pump up the wheels eery so often. My wheelchair is quite good, but at the moment it is rough going because of the weather we have had.

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  2. REminds me of my father, in his chair, speeding when he hit ice and fell off into a snowdrift. He was there nearly half an hour before someone heard his cries for help. He thought it was worth it – I had to scold him for being unsafe!

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  3. Oh, goodness. Do be careful out there. I’m so glad you had your cellphone with you–even though you fixed things yourself. I think you do terrific. Head of the class for you, Pat!

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    • I never go anywhere without my cell phone. I managed to fix it, but moving a heavy wheelchair was not easy. It taught me a lesson to be more careful where I go


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