Good Morning

Good Morning and unfortunately goodbye.

This morning my computer surroundings are on a complete go slow. The various web sites I need are turning all the time and I have now spent half an hour waiting to get contact. The only one that seems to be working is Facebook, that is indestructable. I am only getting more annoyed as the time goes by.

I have connection, but slow, very slow. I am sure it has something to do with the visit of Trump in Switzerland. He is blocking our sites so that Twitter is quicker for his tweets.  I am not even able to upload a photo.

I will be back this afternoon I hope. Enjoy the day


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. These internet go slows are so frustrating aren’t they? My sister is currently experiencing one as well and is as frustrated as you are at not being able to post or do anything online. To make things worse she just picked up a brand new computer. Unfortunately we can’t blame Trump for her dilemma.

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    • This morning it was really terrible. I can use my computer all over the appartment. I perhaps should have change to the other side of the home but mornings my time is very well organised unless something happens. Last week it was our Swisscom people that had a software problem and this morning I am still not sure. Mr. Swiss in the next room had no problem with his computer. Mine is now working perfectly.

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    • He is not here yet, but his luggage. The biggest plane in the world carrying about 5-6 heavily armoured vehicles and a few other bits and pieces. We are all waiting to hear the mistakes he will make in his speech. One thing I must say, Trump is unique. There has never been an American president like him.

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