Daily Prompt: Chicken Talk

Chickens 21.01 (17)

“She’s approaching chicks. Ignore her. She’s got that camera again.”

“No, not again. Every day she appears in the afternoon with the camera and says silly things like “smile” “look in my direction”. I don’t like this. Do you think she is from the poultry association, making decisions over our heads, about our heads.”

“You never know girls. I will keep an eye on the situation until she goes. Wait, this is getting dangerous, she is changing the lens on the camera.”

“Not the big one where she zooms  whilst we are pecking around. I am sure she is counting the feathers, Even a chicken has no privacy these days. Let’s just ignore her and pretend we havn’t seen her.”

Chickens 21.01 (14)

“What’s she doing now.”

“She is talking to a human she met. He told her to keep up the good work and asked if she is thinking about writing a book on life in a chicken coup.”

“Perhaps she is, we might even become famous. Although probably more about life in a chicken soup.”

“In that case I will stay up here. She is taking a photo of me. I think I will have to fluff out my feathers.”

“Forget it. Don’t fluff out too much otherwise you will be perched on the farmer’s plate next Sunday. You will become a wishbone memory.  They like they hens with extra fat under the feathers. He might even soak you in a bottle of wine first of all. I wouldn’t want to end my days as a “coq au vin”. I would prefer to meet the fox on a dark evening. At least I would be able to fight to the last, might even be the hero of the chicken coup.”

“What’s a wishbone girls?.”

“Don’t ask. There are some things in the private life of a chicken that it is better not knowing.”

“Oh, I thought I might be missing something important.”

“OK chicks she has gone. She is now taking photos of the geese.”

“The stupid geese, and I bet they are enjoying it.”

“Of course, they are even letting her take a portrait.”

“So come down from your perch, you have had your moment of fame. It time to lay an egg.”

Goose 21.01 (11)
Daily Prompt: Chicken Talk

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