Good Morning

Morning Cyclamen

No photo from a rising sun or clouds and a wonderful sky this morning. It is not worth it when everything is grey and it is raining. There is a cold wind blowing again. Yesterday we had a small break, although a little bit of snow and rain in between and now the weather winds are back. Whilst Germany and Holland are still clearning away the destruction from the last storms, a new one is hovering around.

I decided to show the progress of my cyclamen. I am quite pleased. New flowers are appearing and it looks like it is on a survival course. It will be the first time that a cyclamen has survived for more than three days in my home.

Wood 19.01 (2)

Yesterday I made the most in the break in the weather and took a trip in the area. We too have a few patients as a result from the storm and this guy was busy chopping up the remains of a tree, which seems to be quite a big tree. Looks like there will be plenty of fuel for fires this year.

Mistletoe 19.01 (2)

I also managed to get a little closer to the trees that I usually can only take photos of when in a moving car at a distance. We seem to have a good crop of mistletoe growing on our trees. I don’t know what sort of tree this is exactly, but it already has catkins hanging from the branches due to the milder winter weather we are having. I also noticed in the cemetery that the cherry trees already have little red dots on the branches. I hope that we do not get a freeze to kill the flowers before they have a chance to blossom. Last year it looked wonderful when I took a walk .

Cherry Blossom 21.03 (1)

Today will be a stay-at-home day most probably and take it easy. At the moment I seem to be eternally searching for stuff at home. I wanted to put my empty cup in the kitchen from my desk and thought whilst I was on my way I could get something in the kitchen that I needed. Unfortunately when I arrived in the kitchen I had already forgotten what I wanted to get. This sort of thing seems to happen often at the moment. I do usually remember eventually, but I have to search to find out what my original intention was. This is definitely a sign of goldenoldieism. Mr. Swiss has the same problem. Sometimes we are just two golden oldies walking around trying to remember why we are walking around.

We all have our various complaints and problems in age, but the forgetfulness seems to be a big part of it. This is one of the reasons I now tend to jot everything down in my mobile phone. I even have a section titled “Reminder”, although I often forget what I wanted to remind myself of.

Yesterday I had problems uploading my instant photos from my telephone to my photo host on the computer. It was not working all morning. This was really frustrating as I realised how much I appreciate this service. At lunchtime we Swiss citizens all got a big apology from Swisscom, our telephone hoster, because their system broke down yesterday morning. It seems to have been a software failure. That is Swiss precision for you. It is not the first time. The private suppliers were all working as normal.

Anyhow, time to move on, I have things to do. Mr. Swiss is busy hoovering away the dirt I brought home yesterday after my wheelie in the local cemetery. I now have a warning to avoid paths with mud and stones.

St. Katherine Cemetery 19.01 (3)

I suppose you do tend to collect muck if a river runs through it. Keep safe and well. I will see you later.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That cyclamen really is pretty. I think that color is ‘garnet’. I learned to drive in a 1978 Buick Electra that color. If you can parallel park that, you can parallel park anything. I hope those cherries do not bloom. They are probably more spectacular there in bloom than they are here.

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    • I canot park parrallel or normal. I need two empty parking spaces next to each other and then I manage to fit my car in. We have a few Japanese cherry trees dotted around where I live and they are one of the first to flower in spring.

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      • After World War II, San Jose got the first koi imported from Japan for their City Hall which was new at the time. The koi proliferated so that another koi pond was build in Kelley Park. They are the ancestors of California koi, which are a cheaper alternative to well bred Japanese koi. San Jose also got some of the first Yoshino (or ‘Akebono’) flowering cherries that were sent to Washington DC and several other important American cities.

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    • At the moment I am a bit pressed for space so have it on the table in an overpot. I fill the pot with water, let it stand a few minutes and then throw the water away and leave it. Up to now it has worked. I just test with my finger now and again to make sure it does not dry completely out. I have done the same with my ponisettia this year and have never had such a good plant before.

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  2. The white sky in the second picture looks like a snow sky, or would be around here in the winter. Sometimes, right before it snow, the sky turns bright white and really looks like it snowed “up there.”

    You keep reminding me that I REALLY need to report my plants! Warm here today and lots of dripping as the snow on the roof is melting 🙂

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    • We almost only have skies like that at the moment. Sometimes we have snow, mostly rain, but miserable and no clourds to be seen. I think Switzerland is permanently that colour in Winter. I have snowdrops in the garden at the moment, and my lenten roses are already thinking about showing their flowers. It looks like the stuff will be early this year, so I hope there will be no surprising frosts.


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