Daily Prompt: In favour of a flat world

Clouds 19.01 (2)

We live on a ball, a sphere. It is round and has many advantages. I took this photo yesterday afternoon: one of the first I made when I mounted the road to the local castle. It is an uphill road, the castle is at the top and so on a good day you can see a horitzon. If the day had been clearer, there would have been a mountain range to stop the horizon, but the horizon goes further. Of course you can climb over the mountains and what do you see? Another horizon of course. The world is full of horizons.

So basically speaking you never get to the horizon. You can take photos of it, but when is a horizon a horizon. Perhaps you see the sinking sun in the late evening, but it only sinks from my view. Somewhere in the world it is rising. Perhaps in Australia, just somewhere south of the equator. You can walk as much as you want to, travel as far as you want to but you will never arrive at the horizon, because there will be another horizon to replace it. Yes, horizons are boring, they are one of nature’s disappointments.

If we had a flat earth, it would be so much more exciting. The horizon is always in front of you and suddenly you arrive at the horizon. At last you are beyond the horizon. Now you have to be careful as it could be that you fall off the edge as there will be no horizon, just an empty void. Hower, that is where the horizon fails to disappoint, because you have been there and done it. There is an alternative. If you reach the edge of your disc you can cling onto it and walk across the other side. This would depend on the law of gravity also existing on the other side of the disc to stop you falling off. You would just have to cling on until you reach: yes, the horizon on the other side. The problem is still not solved, because after your climb over the edge you arrive again on the flat top surface of your flat world and see? Yes another horizon.

Let’s face it, horizons are good sights to take a photo of and Christoper Columbus  would never have discovered the new world. There would be no hamburgers, no potato chips, no condensed milk and no Brad Pitt. Perhaps having a horizon is an advantage after all.

Udo Lindenberg says it in his song “Hinterm Horizont” meaning Behind the Horizon. It’s in German, but one of my favourites.

Daily Prompt: In Favour of a flat world

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In favour of a flat world

    • I saw the eternal horizon in Norway when I was in the mountains, and I did not like it at all. Every time you arrived at the top, there was another peak in front of the one you had just climbed, most frustrating.


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