Daily Prompt: Be back in a blink

Wheelchair wheel

They were my departing words as I left for a wheelie in my chair this afternoon, and I really did mean them, honestly, but things never turn out as they should. I had been trapped at home for a week due to storms and a dentist visit. This morning was cold, but sunny and bright and time to go out this afternoon.

Unfortunately the sun disappeared in the meanwhile, but I was determined to go places and see things, with my camera. I had an idea where to go. It was a little further as usual, but I needed new food for the camera lens and so I departed and met a colleague on the way. She is also not so agile, walking on crutches, but we had a lot to catch up with which was not done in a blink. We parted ways and I moved on, up and down the kerbs and across the roads. And then it happened, it began to rain. I was too far away from home to return and so I wheeled on with my quest in mind. After a while the rain turned into a dusting of snow. It was time to raise the hood of my jacket, but I had my target before me.

There were a couple of good statues in the grounds of the local high school which I was determined to capture on the camera. After five minutes the snow and rain stopped and I continued.

It was then I decided that it was time to return home. I decided to cut through the cemetery.

St. Katherin Cemetry 13.01.2018

This was a mistake as in the meanwhile the terrain had become wet. The cemetery is not nicely paved, only in parts: generally it is stones and earth which tends to stick to the wheels of my trusty steed. I then approached the home run and arrived home safe and sound, a little cold, after almost 2 hours.

I now have a room where my wheelchair is parked and we are waiting for the wheels to dry out to be able to sweep the gravel, dirt and mud together. Sometimes good ideas are not so good.

Daily Prompt: Be back in a blink

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Be back in a blink

  1. I would have scolded you and reminded you that in all the Regency novels the heroine foolishly goes out when the weather looks a bit threatening, ‘just to get out’ or ‘just to do this thing’, and she invariably gets soaked by rain and usually gets a little ankle-wrenching or similar for her pains so the hero can save her. I am glad you got no wrenches, but still would have scolded you, although I am younger than you and have no right to do so! Stay warm. I too get housebound and cabin fever–our driveway is steep and the ice and snow have kept me in for a long time, so I understand how it can get.

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    • I was at home for at least 2 months, except for the trips to the supermarket in the car and I missed my ducks, my swans, the horses and even the graves on the cemetery. Now I am on the road again, but now I can go further. I dress in jeans and a jacket with a scarf, not quite Eizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, but Mr. Swiss is definitely not Mr. Darcy. I had the choice to continue in the rain or go back, but I had a quest to fulfil and no snow would stop me. Unfortunately the wheelchair got dirty wheels.

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    • Now that is just the way it is. You have to suffer for your photos. All great photographers suffered. I made it home perfectly, only Mr. Swiss found I could perhaps in future wheel in better places.


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