Daily Prompt: Shock of the Day

Today it arrived by post. The parcel had crossed the big pond from the United States of America to Switzerland and arrived safely. It was carefully packed in a polstered bag to prevent any injury and I was delighted to receive it. My American cousin, who has the same birth names as I have, sent it. We met somewhere one day on a social sight, and birds of a name feather flock together.

She was doing a stock check of her Pussy hats, in memory of some wonderful marches and noticed she had some to spare. I mentioned that Trump will be visiting Switzerland and it would be ideal, although I will not be demonstrating, just watching the developments. There will be demonstrations in Davos when he attends the WEF Conference (World Economic forum) and perhaps there will be many Pussy hat clad women there. I know that I now have my Pussy hat. She spontaneiously said she would pop a hat in the post and today it arrived.

At the moment we are all homebound due to the three storms that arrived over the last week. It began with Eleanor, was followed by Evi and now we have Frederika. They are all ladies, perhaps they also have knitted hats like this one. This newest storm has topped them all and Germany have closed down their railway system. Roads are blocked in Switzerland and there is a cold wind blowing.

However, I can now spite the winds, because I am protected. I have my Pussy hat. It is even a secret weapon against being invaded by unwanted political visitors. Hold on, here is the shock.

Kitty Cat hat

I tried to do a selfie, but could not capture the ears properly. Mr. Swiss obliged and now I have the perfect photo. Donald Trump are you watching, then beware. I am armed.

Daily Prompt: Shock of the Day

27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Shock of the Day

  1. I LOVE IT! I think that is adorable, and I have one too that needs a little repair–I tried to alter one myself last year and it looks bad. They are having more marches soon, on the anniversary of last year, and I know there is one downtown Woodstock NY in the US here. Stay warm and aware!

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    • They are so good, fit perfectly and keep you nice a warm in the cold weather. Marching is always good, keeps you fit. My American cousin mentioned that they will be marching again as it is now the first anniversary. I just love this hat.

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  2. looks great..and for those ears? You push the hat down over your head until the center of it is as close to your scalp as possible..then grab each end on the sides and tug gently up. makes great “ears”……lol


      • I see you are the expert on ear caps. I would be ready as well, but live too far away and Davos, where it will all be happening, is a couple of hours train ride from where I live. I would love to be there when the carrot head arrives.

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        • we would love it if when he breaks some law of ya’lls..and he WILL, believe me, you could just arrest him and then maybe find a deserted castle’s dungeon to let him moulder in??????? pretty please?

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  3. You left room for you pointed ears, too! Cool! Glad to have you on OUR side!

    We got sunshine today but it’s really chilly. I suppose this is to make us relax and forget that the moment we DO relax, it will snow.

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    • Of course I am on your side. My American cousine even took part in the march in Washington at the beginning of the Trump curse.
      Europe is at the mercy of the winds at the moment. Roads are blocked from fallen trees, train lines are interrupted. Yesterday a roof fell onto our main connection on the railway. Germany has closed down the railway system completely and most airports. Switzerland is bearing up, but we are getting reports of problems all the time.


  4. Just found this pic on my ‘reader’ and made hilarious, laugh-out-loud interlude. Thank You. But please don’t go…… You wouldn’t want to mingle – not even with your pussy-hat!!!! Quel idée 🙂

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    • I wouldn’t have noticed the mistake. French grammar was never my strongest point. I won’t be going, I will just have to wear my hat locally. I am sure I will be the talk of the village.


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