Colour Your World: Plum


It will soon be carnival time in Switzerland, mainly in the catholic areas, which is also where we live. The Kanton of Solothurn is one of the main places to celebrate although Basel has the biggest show, even if it is not a catholic area, but it belongs to their tradition. Our supermarket is already armed for the season and there are bags of confetti that you can buy, even plum coloured.

Colour Your World: Plum

3 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Plum

    • And if someone happens to visit the carnival when it is on, you have the whole appartment full of the stuff from the clothes. It is tradition. It looks like paper cutouts from a machine that punches holes in paper for files. I thought in the states they are more into ticker tape.

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      • Here they will throw anything–bits of small plastic confetti, paper,ribbons or whathaveyou– ticker tapes are maybe not around any more, but there is plenty of long skinny paper to be had to throw around.

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