Daily Prompt: Good Morning

Morning Sky

It does not get better. Yesterday we wee bombarded with high winds and this morning it continues. The weather prophets said that Evi (the name of the storm), will not be as bad as the last one. The last one was here for a day and night, and Evi has decided to move in since last Monday. Opening windows has become an impossibility as we have a wind channel afterwards in the appartment. However, we now have clouds, although they move fast. Yesterday afternoon we even had blue sky for five minutes. Never trust a meteorologist, it is all fake news.

There is no sign at the moment of this storm moving on an everything is wet outside.


Midst in the storm my white amaryllis is flowering, but indoors.

Today is a day of shopping, stocking up on food. I should really get some emergency rations as I have nothing at home in the case that shopping would not be possible. I do drive and avoid it when I can. I am just not happy behind the steering wheel, and Mr. Swiss does the job quite well.

There is also a bit of a storm on my wordpress. For some unknown reason there is a guy with his web site, which I definitely do not follow, is pressing likes on my contributions since two days, more than a hundred a day, and I cannot trash or spam them. Twice he has made a comment, even on a colleagues page about me, and I could remove it. He is not insulting, just stupid and dumb. I am now seriously looking for a possiblity to block this idiot from my site. It seems he leads an online life and belongs to every sort of social media connection you can imagine. He must lead a very boring life. Perhaps he only exists online.

At the moment I am also leading a very bored life. At last I have a possibility to go out again with my wheelchair, and now the weather situation is not permitting.

Road to Langendorf via Solothurn 1201 (4)

It is a short one this morning, but it can only get better. A short excursion around the appartment with the vacuum cleaner and mop and a larger excursion to the supermarket. See you around, enjoy the day and keep safe.

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Good Morning

  1. Schools are closed today and our office does not open until 12 noon. Why, you may ask? It is very cold (in the 20s), there is a sprinkling of snow on the ground and my car as ice on it. The South dealing with cold weather is a riot. Be careful out there, Pat.

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    • Our schools never close for the snow and ice and you are still expected to get to work, that is Switzerland. I did it for almost 30 winters driving in the ice and snow. In england everything closes down when it snows. The traffic comes to a standstill and schools remain closed. At the moment I am under house arrest until the weather returns to normal.

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  2. We try to keep at least a week of food in the freezer. i don’t know how we’d survive a winter otherwise. We also have a chest freezer in the basement, and some other supplies — things that don’t spoil. We don’t get out to shop every week these days. That was always true in winter, but now, it’s true all year. We save money by not buying often, too. I’m not sure why since we seem to be eating normally, but that’s the way it works out.

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    • Everyone has their own system. We are lucky living near town and have some good supermarkets. We shop on Monday and Wednesday usually. On Friday we buy for the weekend. If we need anything in between Mr. Swiss goes into town. I have a freezer but more for emergency supplies, like a bread or some veg. I don’t think I could plan so far ahead and I like going out, even if it is only shopping.


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