16 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 15.01.2018 Protea Nutan

  1. They do well in our climate, but because the plants are so awkward, they are not popular. Those that form well rounded shrubbery lack the showy flowers. Those with the showy flowers tend to fall over and grow to one side. None of them like to be pruned indiscriminately. Yet, for those who do not mind their unique personalities, the flowers are rad!

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    • Now that was a very interesting read. Our local store seems to have their own names for these type of protea. They would never grew here in our gardens as the climate would be too cold, so we have to be satisfied with cut flowers.

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      • I’ve sent a Face Book message to the knowledgable people at Plantz Africa, about the Protea nutans name, because I’ve not heard of that one. When they reply, I’ll post their response 🙂

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        • They have already replied and here it is: Hello Ann.
          No, there is no such species as Protea nutans, and you are right, all pincushions are Leucospermum. I think perhaps they mean Leucospermum nutans, which is a synonym for Leucospermum cordifolium (it was once regarded as a distinct species but was sunk into L.cordifolium in 1972)
          Quite a few people call pincushions “pincushion proteas” so perhaps that’s where the confusion creeps in. At least they know it is a member of the protea family!
          Alice, for PlantZAfrica

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