Good Morning

Baselstrasse 13.01 (2)

I am almost ashamed to show our morning sky. Day for day it begins with grey and it is a lottery whether it stays or might disperse during the morning. I decided on a sky from yesterday afternoon as I left our estate on wheels for a short excursion. These excursions are now almost becoming a regular thing except for Monday Afternoon and Wednesday, when I have housewife hobbies to attend to.

I am now more out and about than I used to be.  Going for walks with my stick was becoming exhausting and there was always the danger that I might fall. Now I feel safe and secure, although crossing roads is always a bump when you go down and up the curbs. Most are sloped for wheels, but not all. I used to register the various benches in the area. Now I register the best places to cross the road.

St. Katherin Cemetry 13.01.2018

Before I leave Mr. Swiss wants to know my route, sometimes I do not even know which way I am gloing myself.  Yesterday I headed for the cemetery: a nice flat path until you get inside. Then I meet the lumps and bumps caused by the stones and grit on the paths,

St. Katherine Cemetery 13.01 (2)

I am becoming a regular cemetery visitor, but it lays on my path to other places. I often see the same people walking through. Actually my mother-in-law is in this part of the cemetery. When I leave the cemetery I enter a path known as stony alley, although it is not stony at all, but ideal for travel with wheels. This is the part where I meet the horses.

Horse 13.01.2018

There was only one of them outside with a pony who was busy munching pine needles. The other horses were probably taking 5 somewhere.  It is also the part where I change my lens to zoom. It reduces the effect of the fencing in between and I get a better portrait of the chickens opposite.

Chicken House 13.01 (2)

They now have a house on wheels which can be moved around to enable them a change of scenery.  Of course when the chickens saw me they all rushed to be featured in photo of the day.

Chickens 13.01 (3)

Afterwards I rolled on to the home stretch: again across the bumpy kerbs on the main road. I usually am a cause for the traffic to stop rolling when they see me coming. When I arrive at the entrance to my appartment I call Mr. Swiss on my mobile telephone to open the door. I could do it myself but is is complicated as I would have to stand and open the door myself and roll in on my wheels after propping the door open. This time I forgot to take my gloves with me an my hands were two blocks of ice, especially the fingers.  I noticed a call from Mr. Swiss on my mobile when I arrived to tell me I had forgotten my gloves, but did not hear it as I had my telephone on mute. I should remember to demute when I leave home.

And now to move on. I have something I want to start for dinner that can cook during the morning. Keep safe everyone and wrap up warm if you are North of the equator. Take the sun creme with you if you are South of the Equator. If you are on the equator, then you might need am umbrella – rain forests and all that. I leave you with a view of our local castle Waldegg that I saw on my way to the chicken run.

Castle Waldegg 13.01.2018

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That handsome hen looks like an old fashioned white leghorn. I like that breed not just because they are white, but also because their eggs are white. Okay seriously, they are good producers, and their white eggs have good thick shells. When I lived in town, I had those weird araucana hens that looked like kiwis and made weird blue and green eggs; but they were quite in an urban area.

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    • I am not a chicken expert. They sell eggs from the chickens and we once received a box of free eggs. They are quite expensive compared to store prices,. They now have at least 100 hens in two chicken runs and one rooster.

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  2. We kept a few chickens when we were growing up. One was a bantam called Henny Penny. I saw how fierce they can be when she chased one of our cats when she was looking after her chicks – she flew at the kitty and kitty never had to have a reminder! I think she lived for about 14 years.

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    • my Grandfparents had chickens in the backyard, but that was before I was born. Money was scarce in the working class at the time and families always had fresh eggs. I remember our neighbours having chickens. These chickens also have a rooster and he can be quite protective of his womenfolk.

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    • I actually had the zoom lens on the camera, but it was good to capture the horse’s head. Check your husband’s phone, perhaps he has it on mute for some strange reason. It seems to be a male illness, not hearing phones.

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    • Thanks. I am no glad that I can now take photos of various places again. By the way the camera on the iPhone X is really super. I am now getting the hang of it.


    • The door must be kept shut for prevention of intruders in the block, which is necessary. I could do it myself by leaving the chair, opening the door and keeping it open until I leave and when I am out, can leave the chair and close it again. As we live on the ground floor it is not such a problem for Mr. Swiss to do it.


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