Daily Prompt: What entertains

Computer Headquarters

I have become completely cyber. It is my world of entertainment. I am often not sure if I am really here, or whether it is a hologram of myself. If it is not the computer, it is an iPad and relaxing with a book becomes my Kindle. Real books smell and have a funny touch. At the moment I am reading on Mr. Swiss Kindle, because he does not need it and he uploaded a book I wanted to read. Today I needed my Kindle for this photo and discovered that although it has not been in use for a month, it tells me that there is almost no power and I should recharge it.

You cannot ignore your online connections if you want to. They tell you that they need you. They depend on your constant attention, and rebel when they are ignored. Their battery signs show a large empty space with perhaps a thin line showing that you have arrived in the nick of time to make a connection. In the meanwhile my Kindle is now in recharge mode, the day is saved.

Not that I cannot be without a computer, of course not. Just because I sleep with my iPad and iPhone next to my bed it only means that it is a good place to have them. During the dark hours of the night the iPhone is my illumination to that place which most of us visit.  When I wake in the morning and am still hugging the bed, I check of the nocturnal movements of my online colleagues. They live in other countries where they have day when I have night. Having dealt with the necessary from my bed hugging situation, I move to the kitchen. My computer is already waiting as Mr. Swiss as already shifted it to the breakfast table, my Microsoft computer.  I use my Apple computer for the afternoon shift. Of couse I am not a computer addict. Now and again I visit real life for entertainment.

If I am bored I can always assemble one of those jigsaw puzzles I like to do, online of course. I remember the days when I had real jigsaw puzzles. They could be most annoying as there was always that missing piece you never found to complete the jigsaw puzzle. Online puzzles never have this problem, all the pieces are there.

Some time during the late afternoon the computer world retires, although not the computer. Now and again I leave my home and put the computer on its shelf. That is when I go on a safari with my camara. Of course when I return the computer is again fired up so that I can upload my photos.

Of course I can live without my computer, but can it live without me? In the evening it is Kindle time. I used to be entertained by my TV, but now I prefer to read a book, online of course. Less problem with turning pages and bending the corners to remember which page you were on. The Kindle does it all for me.

Yes folks, that’s entertainment.

Daily Prompt: What entertains

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What entertains

  1. It’s like that old Buddhist question: “Am I a man dreaming I’m a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming I’m a man?” Where does your computer begin and where to do start — and vice versa? I’m not sure either. I often dream in computer language — I have fore years. So maybe I really am a virtual reality. If so, would it be okay to fix the arthritis?

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    • I am not sure, but I do know that life with a computer is no longer boring with not knowing what to do. I dream in two languages now, english and Swiss German, and so there is no room for a third, but I can write in html which is the main thing. I am not sure about the arthritis, but perhaps you might dream up a cure one night. If you do let me know.


  2. lol Marilyn. We are and have been in a computer (tech age) for years. Personally, I find many plusses to this age. The world at my fingertips, viewing photos and interesting writes about distant lands from the comfort of my chair. Those of us old enough to know, remember the days when TV took over, we’ve advanced to mini TV we control. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes not. I read an article about how it’s effecting little people. Scary. As I have two little people, I watch closely. They are right. It was a school report one of my “granddaughter’s had to do on the affect of cell phones good or bad. It was enlightening. Very. For all that, it has become my world as well.

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    • It’s a great world, especially when you become a golden oldie. No need to forget things, just google it. And I love my cell phone, my memory bank. I am now a grandmother, and my contact with the new arrival is the daily photo on the Facebook messenger, not on the Facebook page. If you work it out, you can keep everything under control. I love the computer world, but I realise there are dangers. I remember the days when TV took over, but since the computer and Kindle arrived, I no longer bother with the TV. I can plan my own world and do not need make believe situations.


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