Good Morning

Road to Langendorf in the mist  (3)

Yesterday was a very misty day, some would call it fog, but fog for a Londoner from the sixties it means air pollution, yellow and thick enough to cut through it with a knife. This was a better kind of mist. I though it would be gone by the time we departed for our safari to the supermarket, but it was still hovering: ok a good opportunity for misty photos. I decided not to polish them up but leave them in their natural state of rough outlines of trees in the distance.

Road to Langendorf in the mist  (14)

When we arrived at the store even the figures for the empty parking places were misty. It looked good, so Mr. Swiss went to the park deck which I prefer. It is a raised area above the normal parking places and a good place to take a few photos of the surrounding countryside. On a good clear day you even get to see the alps, but it was not a good clear day. Even the cranes in the building site were steeped in mist, although today not such a problem. The crane operator no longer sits in the clouds, but steers the whole thing with a remote from the ground.

Road to Langendorf in the mist  (15)

As we entered and left the store, I saw that Christmas was at last dead. The demolition of the last Christmas tree in the area was taking place. At the beginning of the week the decorations disappeared and now the tree.

Christmas Tree

I do not understand that they have to demolish the tree, it was in perfectly good shape, but I suppose the moor has done its duty and the moor can go. All over the western world  Christmas trees are being demolished and murdered, but they will return again next year, probably already in September. I did not have a Christmas tree and did not want one. Even our little plastic tree stayed in the cellar this year. Mr. Swiss said it was losing its needles and making a mess. Even plastic has its problems.

The next instalment of the Trump visit to Switzerland is that our news is now naming it “The Trump Show”. In another report I read that in Zurich  left wing groups are already organising demonstrations. This is not only against Trump, but generally agains the WEF. It happens every year at this time. A few panes of glass are destroyed and the police have something to do to brighten up the dreary days of Winter. I do not think that there will be any problems in our little town of Solothurn. The last demonstration was because the ferry across the River Aar was deemed uncertain and the farmer had to buy a new one. Money was collected and it is now forgotten. The demonstration took place mainly in Facebook. Yes we live midst in excitement in our area.

Road to Langendorf in the mist  (5)

I have planned yet another adventure in my chair on wheels today. I will take the path at the side of the main road towards town, but will not be going as far as the town. There are sites that I have not photographed for some time, it is the pilgrim’s way. On the one side of the road the headquarters for the catholic priest students, learning the job, and on the other side the palace belong to the Bishop of Basel who has his residence in Solothurn for some strange reason, although I believe the diocese of Basel and Solothurn are sort of combined.

Today is the day of putting fresh linen on the beds, although it is already finished. We are both exhausted, Mr. Swiss more than I am. I just put the new covers on the duvet and cushion, but he does the rest.

Enjoy the day/night and keep blogging.

Road to Langendorf in the mist  (7)

Even our cathedral was lost in the mists.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • “DO IT” is an abbreviation for Do it Yourself. The Swiss find this expression looks better or they have no suitable translation in German. It is the department, in the basement, where they sell the tools for the handyman, like hammers and nails, and also wood the metal for building your own thing. Garden is the department with the plants, the lawn mowers and other equipment for the plants and the garden. They also sell the fertiliser and various gardening ornaments. These parking places are for these departments.

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  1. We are back into ice storm weather, I fear. I was really hoping to get outside and maybe take a picture or two, but it is not to be. Not yet.

    Mist here seems to have to do with altitude. When you drive on one of our roads, it will clear when you go uphill and when you go down, the mists folds you right into it. I think it may be part of our “hill and dale” land formation. Right now, though, it is raining because it’s above freezing … but the temperatures are dropping again tomorrow.

    Given the horrors they are experiencing in California, I think I’ll settle happily for winter in New England!

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    • Luckily we have no ice storms, it just snows. If we went into the Jura mountains it would be sunny. We would look down onto a „sea of fog“ covering the lowlands where we live. It is very beautiful, one of weathers tricks, but not so pleasant when the fog doesn’t shift as the past couple of days . It can also get quite damp.


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