Daily Prompt: Carve It

Branches from Storm 06.01 (2)

After the storm last week, there is enough wood laying around for a carver’s delight. Twigs and branches are all over the paths and trees ready to be chopped into small pieces and collected.

The only thing I would carve is a turkey, although the last time I cooked turkey must be at least 20 years ago. Turkeys are not seen very much in Switzerland, we import most of them. We have roasted chicken now and again, but I do not really carve the chicken. I chop them. First remove the legs, then the wings and afterwards disect the chick into pieces.

I have never carved a heart on a tree trunk, that would be Mr. Swiss job, and he has never carved one either, at least not for me. This prompt would be more a thing for a boy scout, they even get badges for carving.

Solothurn 08.07 (25)

I discovered this figure in a corner in our local town of Soloturn. someone must have carved him I supposed. Whoever the carver was, he probably had too much wood as the arms seemed to be a little out of proportion. There are a few other parts out of proportion as well, it seems to me.

I think I have now covered it all. I am not inspired, or prompted, but have done my daily duty. Have just come back from an excursion, it began to rain. Whilst I was away Mr. Swiss got to work on my potted horse chestnut tree in the garden. The earth had accumulated moss on the top and he decided to carve it away. He discovered that it was not a top layer of moss, but the roots had planned to take over the pot. Instead of the planned 3 minutes it became a half an hour job. Carving is not always as easy as you think.


Daily Prompt: Carve It

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Carve It

    • I know what you mean. There are often woods with statues and they make it very interesting. Our village is in the middle of woods, but now and again someone decides to build and the woods get smaller unfortunately.

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