9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 09.01.2018 Cyclamen

  1. Those are pretty. I thought they looked like what I have here, and they sure were called Cyclamen. I’m not usually any good with plants/flowers, but this one I’ve had a couple of years, and it just keeps on flowering. I have it in my north window above the kitchen sink. Good luck if you try growing them again. 🙂

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  2. I liked cyclamen when I was a kid because they grew as cool season perennials under a spruce tree out in the garden. They grew well on their own, and did not need any help from me. Now, they are expensive cool season annuals that do not last very long. When the flowers die back, they get replaced, after the clients already spent a lot of money on them! I do not like throwing them out. That is what bothers me about them. There happens to be one in my planter box that has been there for years. It dies back in summer, but comes back every winter. It is overwhelmed by everything else, but I leave it there until I can find a permanent spot for it.

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    • We could never plant them in the garden here. They would get frostbite and die, in Winter. Here we keep them in pots, inside in Winter and outside in summer. They are not particularly expensive here and we see them throughout the year in the store .


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