Daily Prompt: Brilliant Ideas

Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen
I had the brilliant idea of taking my wheelchair for a walk to find some brilliant subjects for my camera. I packed my bag with the DSLR Nikon camera and my zoom lens. I had my purse with some money although I have no idea why, as I was not intending to go into town. I had my route planned. Straight across the main road to the other side and up the path to the castle on the hill. The photo was taken in summer, the person on the right of the path is the famous Mr. Swiss. This was a marvellous opportunity to drive in the second gear of the wheelchair. There was no traffic, the path was empty. I noticed this second gear really puts a speed on the chair, even the motor sounds like a racing car. As I got nearer to the castle I switched back to first speed as I wanted to be sure that I did not lose the control of this Formula 1 racing chair. I even have a third gear on the chair, but I will try that one out later. I think the top speed is 10 kph.


I have never really needed gloves in my whole life. It was not a necessity: perhaps garden gloves for avoiding the thorns on the roses, but not to keep my hands warm. I have pockets in my coat which are sufficient. However, when going out in a wheelchair you are sitting and not walking. I generally am warm enough in winter with my lined coat, but I now suffer from the cold hand symptom. My hands freeze and so I had to find gloves at home. Mr. Swiss offered his lined leather gloves, which I have never seen him wear, but I wanted something that would allow me to move my fingers inside the gloves.

He then produced these wonderful gloves with the Norwegian design, which actually do come from Norway.  They were some sort of gift from the Norwegians when he was there on a business trip in the olden days when he was still a working man. These are brilliant, just what I wanted. The size is perfect with room to move my fingers in them. The only problem I have is that I have to remove the righthand glove to take a photo, as the feeling is not the same when the finger is encased in a woolly cover for pressing the button on the camera. However they are ideal. For the first time in my life I am wearing gloves.

Brilliant Ideas

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Brilliant Ideas

  1. I have gloves that are supposed to let you do stuff like take pictures and use a cell phone, but they don’t really work. In the end, you need real, live fingers to feel the shutter. I have ALWAYS had cold hands, but now, my hand and forearms fall asleep. Frequently. I wake up at night and I have no hands. It’s really annoying.

    I have Uggs for me feet and they really work. I go out with Uggs and my feet are warm as toast, even if the rest of me is frozen. I need Uggs for hands, but I think it is in the nature of fingers to get cold. Not enough flesh on them.

    10 KPH is about six or seven MPH? I remember the 80 KPH was about 50 MPH (Israel was entirely metric, but I seem to have forgotten all my metric conversions). That’s a pretty fast chair. The ones around here are slower than than with a typical maximum speed of about 5 MPH, probably about 7 or 8 KPH.

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    • My hands also often fall asleep when I am sleeping and I awake with a monster hand, at least it feels like it. I have a few strange bulges on my fingers at the joints, but don’t we all. I have heard of Uggs but never actually seen them. I like Sketchers very much as they are very comfortable. I have winter shoes and Sketchers boots. I never had a problem with my hands getting cold, I generally do not feel cold, but now my hands freeze when I am on my way in the wheelchair, probably because I am sitting all the time.
      I usually drive in first gear as I am not going anywhere in a hurry, but now and again I like to be a daredevil. I tries the second gear and I found that quite fast. It is a fast wheelchair, Even the motor changes its tone when you drive faster. The steering is very sensitive I noticed.


  2. When I travel in the cold, I use gloves with half-length fingers — there is a flap that flips over the finger ends to make them like mittens when I’m not using the fingers. Works really well for photography!

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  3. I have tried those mitten type gloves too, quite handy. I have also tried fingerless gloves. Of course you fingers get cold while you take the photos but the rest of your hand stays warm. However it does not get as cold here as you get it in winter.

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    • I have now got „starter“ gloves, thanks to Mr. Swiss. I am now exploring other possibilities. I cannot imagine Aussies needing gloves in your warmer temperatures, speaking as a pommie

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          • Probably. Also because we are further south than mainland Australia. People tell me the winters here are not as cold as a generation ago when winter snow would stay settle on Mount Welllington for several weeks in winter. We don’t get blizzards or the deep snow you get in Switzerland and usually it doesn’t last long but it is a cooler climate generally.

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  4. I have a similar problem, because I have to use a walker in order to retain my balance, so I can’t put my hands in my pockets nor move them while walking they are the whole time exposed to the freezing temperatures. I also need gloves. Just yesterday I had to buy a new pair, because the old ones were too thin and didn’t protect me enough. The gloves I bought are also waterproof, because another problem is that when I go out when it’s raining or snowing I can’t use an umbrella (I have both hands busy with the walker) and my hands get soaked.

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    • I could by
      Ave had a walker, but would have had more problems as with the stick, so I decided on an electric wheelchair which is ideal for my photography. I also have cold hands because I can no longer put my hands in my pocket. It is the first time in my life that I need gloves.


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