Daily Prompt: The Unwanted Chocolate


There they are. The box is full of chocolate, uneaten, forlorn. I had two favourites, the crema catalona with its delicate slightly burnt taste of vanilla and the authentic black, the bitter one to wake you up. One day I stopped eating chocolate. I always had a row of each chocolate after dinner. It was my dessert, something to munch whilst drinking my tea. My son had a new time table, meaning that lunch was served half an hour later. To compensate I missed out my lunchtime dessert which would have meant half an hour less for a midday sleep. I had to think it over. Will the afternoon programme have half an hour less sleep or shall I just carry on as usual and add the half an hour.

On the other hand do I really need this chocolate every day? I am diabetic amongst other problems and the chocolate is really too much of a good thing. Think of your streamlined figure which is no longer so streamlined due to the chocolate. Not only was this ritual a lunchtime habit, but also after the evening meal. It is always good to round off the meal with something sweet. And then I lost the taste for the bitter sweet delights of life. I really stopped, it was cold turkey. I did not have nightmares, nor was I shaking and itching for the missing perk. One day I decided I do not need this, or was it my diabetes that decided. I just did not bother. My midday sleep was at the usual time and I  did not even miss the sweet preliminaries.

In the meanwhile my chocolate reserve still lays in the fridge, waiting for the next feeling of longing. This all happened before Christmas and I am daily eating less calories. My weight has remained the same, and my figure is still in a southwards shape. Perhaps I am now devouring myself. I do not miss the chocolate, I have no withdrawal symptoms. Mr. Swiss is also now disappointed because his famous apple flans are no longer required. He has lost the purpose in his kitchen life as I have just lost interest in the sweet side of life.

One day it may return. I used to purchase something for an afternoon break , after my sleep, when in the supermarket: a piece of special cake with cream was my favourite. Even this ritual is now neglected.

I have just eaten a tangerine. Eating fruit is healthy they say. Perhaps this year will be the year of health.

Apple Tart

Daily Prompt: The Unwanted Chocolate

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Unwanted Chocolate

  1. I used to have a great sweettooth–when i ran a chocolate store when i was about 18, I would eat it first, second, and last thing all day, and then wonder why I was mopey and not hungry for real food. I somehow lost the taste for it and also have a few best-quality organic chocolate bars in the fridge and freezer that somehow do not attract me now. However, if someone gives me chocolate, like from http://www.burdickchocolate.com and http://www.burdickchocolate.com , then I tend to eat the whole thing within days, even if it is a lot, since both are excellent homemade chocolates here in the US.

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    • Chocolate is a big industry in Switzerland, one of their products that are special throughout the world. I have never had American chocolate. My husband used to bring me chocolate pralines from Belgium when he was there on business and that is a speciality of Belgium. I grew up in England and still have a taste for english chocolate, although its qualitiy is probably not as good as the Swiss chocolate. It is an acquired taste.

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  2. I wondered how you received a prompt on chocolate and all I got was ‘forlorn!’ Good post. I used to love (LOVE!) chocolate. Now, I can take it or leave it–mostly leave it. So strange.

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  3. You just reminded me of the two remaining chocolates in the kitchen. I don’t get chocolate often. This was Christmas chocolate and there were only a dozen of them — two left. I will eat one tonight and leave the last one for another couple of days. I can’t eat them either, but to manage that, i don’t have that stuff where i can get to it. If I can get to it, i will eat it. Sad, I know.

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    • My chocolate is neglected for now. I can eat it, but have just lost the need to eat it. I should lose weight, but that doesn’t happen. Mr. Swiss would bring mr super self made chocolate from the shop in town now and again, but I told him not to. I have lost my taste for it.


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