Daily Prompt: Funnelling can be a problem

Funnel Spider

A funnel spider has it easy, because he spins his web according to his size. The walls are elastic and stretch to fit. He has a nice large opening and can retreat to the narrow part, laying in wait for the prey.

Today I was also in a funnel. I had a large space when I left for a drive with my wheelchair. I am a beginner and are still exploring the possibilities. I waved goodbye to Mr. Swiss and was on my way. Today it was the advanced course, taking the downward slope to the river bank – no problem. Of course not, just one wheel after the other and do not forget to slope your seat backwards, it is a downhill run and we do not want to fall out of the chair.

There were blue skies and ducks and swans, which was the purpose of my journey, to take a few photos. The path to the river is tarred, so no problem. The river path has no surface just compressed dirt and stones. It was a bumpy ride to say the least and I had to avoid the twigs still laying around from this week’s storm, but I persevered undaunted. The funnel was getting narrower. I saw a few ducks on the river and was snapping away with my camera as usual. The path branched off to the right leading to the main road, but me being me decided to go a little further to the next path. It was still stoney, but I could now see a normal sidewalk leading to the road. This was where the funnel got very narrow and I discovered I could not push myself through. It was the way to the main road with no good possibility to turn right afterwards for the homeward run, as the sidewalk was too narrow for the wheelchair. I could not cross the main road because there was no crossing, just traffic and the rails from the train.

The funnel spider can sit and wait, but I had to backtrack my path back to the river bank. I headed back along the river and took the next sideways path as I knew this one would be met with a road crossing at the top. The funnel was now spilling out the contents into a larger space thank goodness. I crossed the road with my wheelchair and had to travel further to be able to cross the road back to reach the  good path home.

I arrived safe and sound to a worried Mr. Swiss who wondered why my usual hour trial run today took 2 hours.  I told him it was the funnel effect, but not exactly in those words. He was more bothered about the stones and dirt I had brought into the appartment from the wheels of the chair. But I am learning the ways of a wheelchair and now realise the river bank has a wonderful view across the river, but is a stony path to take. There must be some hidden depth in the meaning of this, almost something biblical. In future I will keep to the straight path like the funnel spider.

River Aar 05.06 (4)

Daily Prompt: Funnelling can be a problem

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Funnelling can be a problem

  1. Good day to you.
    I think you are observant as well as brave. I usually avoid choosing the stony path so I am safe and consequently bored. Why didn’t the chicken cross the road is my motto.
    Your way is more challenging and has better photo opportunities!

    Ride on and long !

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    • What are a few stones, compared to staying at home and looking out of the window. I must now right a letter to the town authorities to tell them they should organise a nice flat level surface for my wheelchair. The chicken did cross the road, but it had a problem with a passing car and did not reach the other side – Shit happens (pardon the expression).
      Eventually it got too dark for photos as it was drawing into the late evening.


  2. Am very glad you’re making progress with your wheelchair. I hope that the weather holds up so you can get out more often.
    Still a frozen wasteland in New York city but the temperature will go up starting tomorrow.

    I don’t bake but I found some photos of Funnel cake online.
    Makes my boring little funnels more interesting.

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  3. I can understand a little your situation. When I had to push the wheelchair of my dad first and then the one of my mom, every day I discovered architectonical barriers around in the city that made our walks difficult, or ramps badly made like the one that was in our way to the hospital which had a tree in the middle and almost not enough space for the chair…

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    • And you don’t realise these things until you use a wheelchair yourself. I am on my own, as I have an electric chair. Today I had to think as I was crossing a side road, luckily with no traffic. The front wheels mounted the pavement but not the back wheels. I went into reverse and attempted it again and it worked. You have to think these things over. People who do not realise what it is to drive a wheelchair have no idea that you could have a problem with these barriers.

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  4. I think you should go wherever your wheels will take you and damn the mud and dirt! Adventure is now your goal! Explore! Be brave! Take pictures you only dreamed of taking in earlier days. I can hardly wait to see it all! And they definitely should build a wheelchair route for you and anyone else who needs it.

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    • It was a bumpy ride and the steering is so sensitive. One false move and I could get off course and land in the river, but slowly I have it all under control. The mud and dirt does have its small problems when I wheel into the appartment, leaving stones behind from the wheels. I have to park the chair inside as it would go kaput outside with all that electric battery stuff.


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