Good Morning


I am not sure if I trust these sunrises. This morning was a plus over yesterday and yesterday I was sure it was going to be a super day with an excursion on my wheelchair in the afternoon to explore new  places to see how it would work. Yesterday afternoon it began to rain and it rained all night. It was nothing dramatic, just a steady drip that would probably have soaked me through. I had to give my idea up and stay at home. When I arose this morning and opened the blinds and saw this, I knew I would have to take a photo. Again I am hoping for a good day, and hope I will not again be disappointed.

Up to now I have just toured our village in the wheelchair, taken a few photos and enjoyed the new experience. Now I am studying road crossings. Most of them have slopes, which will make it easier to go over the road. I have already planned my route. I am discovering the world with my camera again – if it does not rain.

Clouds A 05.01 (8)

Yesterday our local house mountain, Weissenstein, was hanging in a ridge of interesting clouds. The aftermath of the storm. Switzerland is now busy clearing up the rubble left behind. Our area had fallen tree branches everywhere, and the rivers were rising. My No. 1 son walked into town yesterday afternoon and said the little stream along the road, a tributary of the River Aar, was no longer a stream but a semi torrent. If I get out today, that will be one of my aims for a photo. At the moment there are no floods to talk about and we just hope there will not be a lot of rain.

In Lenk in the Bernese Overland the wind derailed a train. No big injuries, but the carriage was laying on it side afterwards. Adelboden has been hard hit as the only main road to the village is in two pieces in the middle and the big ski races are to take place at the week-end. This means that no-one can get to the village. However building crews are working non-stop on the problem, and this morning the road will be opened with a single track of an alternative side road. The crews for the skiing teams and spectators  will be able to get to Adelboden on this road, and the skiers are being flown in by helicopter. I know Adelboden very well as we spent many summer holidays there when the kids were still kids.  The road was a good road, but even a hurricane has its power.


Our local train is still functioning quite well from the main station of Solothurn towards East serving the villages on the way. We have at least 4 barriers in our village since the road had been renewed, all working automatically, so often you depart for town and have a couple of minutes waiting time to get into the main road. No problem: I take a photo.  Sometimes, always, my driver gets a little impatient. Excuse the strange pattern on the side of the photo, but the windscreen in the car had raindrops.

Today is Saturday so I have no housewife duties and do not have to do anything, just what I want to do. After a talk with my consiglieri, we decided on hungarian goulash a la Angloswiss for dinner, something I have not cooked for some time, so I added onions to the shopping list. The consiglieri said we have enough onions, but goulash is not just beef, but half a pot of paprika and at least 6 sliced onions, large sized. I will begin cooking when I finish this masterpiece and let it cook until lunch time.


My red amaryllis has opened its bud. I now have three amaryllis, a pink one from last year, a white amaryllis and the red one. All going well I am hoping to bring them through the summer so that they will flower again next year.

Have a good Saturday everyone, enjoy your week-end as much as possible and if you are bored, then write all about it. It kills the boredom.


17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Love the Amaryllis bloom – a fabulous colour. 🙂

    I saw the train blown over on our evening news and thought it unbelievable! I get semi-trailers being blown over as they are quite high and relatively light with a high centre of gravity – but for a train to get blown over?? Those things are seriously heavy – even when empty!

    “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky at morning shepherd’s warning!” i believe it’s from the Bible originally. 😉

    Hope you enjoy the goulash and you get to go for your outing! 🙂

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  2. I hope you were able to get out. I remember that “Red sky at night ” quotation as well. Mum always used to say it. It is amazing that a train could be blown over. I did see some very scary footage of cable cars blowing in the wind in Austria I think it was. How terrifying that would have been and how lucky the cables did not break.

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    • I have just had lunch, and after my golden oldie midday sleep I will see how the weather is. It is not raining yet. The cable cars were not running here during the storm, they can easily sway if there are high winds.


  3. We’re having crazy weather all over the world. Here in Toronto we’re experiencing severe cold temperatures as the Polar vortex passes through and on the east coast of North America they are getting this polar vortex with high winds and snow. Stay warm and safe.

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    • North America really seems to be hit hard with the cold weather this Winter. Snow is bad enough, but those minus temperatures. I think of the homeless that have no roof over their heads. Our temperatures have been suprisingly mild for this time of the year.


  4. We were so pleased with the bit of rain we just got. It was just a slow but generous drizzling mist, but it was wet. That is important. The San Lorenzo River came up a few inches. Those in Australia are dealing with hot weather, and are really craving some rain. I would like to eventually experience extremes of weather that I keep reading about, but I am pleased that I do not need to live with them though the years.

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    • You seem to have the perfect climate in California. We are lucky to live on higher ground with the river below as it is carrying a lot of water at the moment. Australia have summer when we have winter. I have got so used to a summer and winter that I don’t think I could cope with anything else. I actually feel more comfortable in Winter. The houses are heated and there is no stress. Summer is watering the garden, looking after the plants and getting uncomfortable in the heat.

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      • Sometimes I think that weather could be a bit more interesting. I have never experienced severe weather. It would be interesting to see what real cold weather is. I have been in hot weather, but not for long periods of time like in Australia or Texas. However, when I read about how unpleasant such weather is, it makes me appreciate our climate even more.

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        • You have the ideal climate, but watching the snow fall outside is also very interesting. We have central heating to keep us warm. In Winter and you all have air conditioning to regulate the temperatures in Summer

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          • I do not have air conditioning because it does not get hot enough for it. It got well over a hundred degrees for a few days this last summer, but it was only a few days out of the year. It gets hot out in the desert, but that is a long way away. (I am actually looking at a home in Trona, near Death Valley.)

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          • Death Valley sounds good, skulls and good subjects for photos.. it is not worth bothering with air conditioning here either, for just a couple of weeks in the year.


  5. I’m so glad you are getting out! I will be getting out as soon as the weather warms up. It is not usually this cold for this long. In fact, this is the longest deep cold we’ve had in more than 150 years … a record breaking cold. At least there’s no more snow predicted in the near future … and I’m up to my eyebrows in books I need to read. This is going to be a very busy (indoor) month.

    The good thing about these locked away inside months is that I tend to renew and be a lot more energetic when they are over. Let’s hope so. I’ve been pretty dull about everything, lately.

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    • I escaped this afternoon. I had only been practicing with the wheelchair up to now, but now I am over hill and dale. I could even take my zoom lens with me in the nice big bag Mr. Swiss bought me and change it when necessary. It was great, I really enjoyed it. The only problem is if and when the weather would change to snow I can go nowhere, but at the moment I am making the most of it.
      I also only read if blocked in at home. I have been very lucky up to now. I could never visit the places where I now go without the wheelchair.


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