13 thoughts on “Colour Your World: White

      • Yes, most people do; and really, there are certain flowers that just do not look good in white. Wisteria, lilac, crape myrtle and of course violets all look rather drab in white. Who ever thought that nasturtiums would look good in white?! That is just wrong.

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        • I have never seen a white nasturtium, just reds and orange, must keep my eye open for that. I like nasturtiums. As an amateur they are easy to grow. The little Black flies on them tend to be a bother.

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          • The ‘white’ ones are not worth looking for. They are really very pale yellow or cream colored. They are interesting when you see them for the first time, but beyond that, they just are not much to look at. The black flies are probably gnats.

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    • For the first time for many years, I now need a pair of gloves. Mr. Swiss says to use his, but I do not want super calf leather. I want nice woolly warm gloves. He said we have a pair of Norwegian gloves somewhere, so I will have to find them. Since going out with the wheelchair my hands freeze as it is difficult to put them in the pocket when you are sitting.


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