Good Morning


The aftermath of the storm with again a normal sunrise. When I opened the blinds in the bedroom I saw clouds and blue sky. This was so refreshing after the grey of the last few days. We were in the middle of a storm and now it has left us as if it was never there. We have clear skies and fresh cold air and we again have a normal sunrise. There are some things we have to be thankful for in life.

Due to all this I have been nowhere and seen nothing new in the past couple of days. Yesterday Mr. Swiss made a short trip to town and said there were quite a few people walking around. This is no wonder. We had New Year and on the day when everything should have got back to normal we were confronted with Burglind a hurrican which was known as Eleanor in other parts of Europe. A quick escape to the shops and afterwards you were housebound. Yesterday people were again making the most of being able to leave their houses.

Moon over Feldbrunnen

Today is looking good and I even saw the moon this morning. Long time no see I would say. I took the photo with the mobile phone, but added a couple with my zoom lens to get it in its full glory.

I spent time yesterday composing a shopping list for the week-end. Life seems to be full of shopping lists at the moment and sometimes the ideas are few and far between. Mr. Swiss makes suggestions and I make suggestions and somehow we construct something to eat. I think it is a symptom of goldieoldie-tum when you life’s content is deciding what to eat: one of the few highlights left.

I saw that the book Fire and Fury by Michel Wolff including comments from ex Trump advisor Steve Bannon is on its way to be a best seller. Why not? It is a confirmation of what we all suspect and it seems that Donald Trump is really not worthy of being called a president. He is now panicking and making stupid statements like a kid. The White House seems to have become a place of chaos. After all when it all gets too much you can always take a golfing holiday. Politics is a funny world. Even Kim Jong-Un, president of North Korea, is showing himself more from the human side. Wants to take part in the Olympic games and hold discussions with South Korea. He has even changed his appearance and now appears in a light grey suit instead of the usual dark blue military look. Perhaps he might even let his hair grow. He almost looks human.

It seems a computer chip is causing problerms with a security flaw, and so we are all in a panic situation. I often wonder what will be my problem. I am 71, have two computers, and one and a half iPads, but does this mean that all my blogs will now be a target and everyone will know about my secret life. I suppose I should be concerned, but who am I to worry. I am just a little cog in this mysterious online world, so will let the others worry.

Photos are few and far between at the moment due to my stay-at-home life in the last couple of days, but today they are letting me out again to visit the supermarket. In the meanwhile I will leave you with another sunrise from this morning. Enjoy the day, and take care, especially those of you snowed in and freezing in the States. I am thinking of you all. It seems even the iguagnas in Florida are dropping from the trees in their frozen state.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Not so much in our area. In the Bernese Overland it derailed a train with the windforce and the rivers are ready to overflow. Most of the mountain villages are cut off and there were many landslides.

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  1. I’m glad that you and your family are safe. I made it home safely yesterday morning. I had an appointment today but cancelled. Except for a trip to the local Bodega and coffee shop across the street I will be indoors until Sunday.
    Be well.

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    • That is true and in a way it is good for the garden eliminating any pests and refreshing it all. It looked like it was a good day for an outing in the afternoon, I was really looking forward to it, and then the rain retuned, not too much, but enough.


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