Good Morning

Clouds Hurricane Burglind 03.01 (5)

This was our sky yesterday afternoon whilst our Hurricane  “Burglind” was dominating the weather, although it changed very quickly. We even got blue skies with cumulus clouds in between, but the wind was still blowing. The clouds were moving fast. We are left with a few high winds today and plenty of rain, but the worst has now passed through. It seems that most of Europe had problems with stormy winds. We had temperatures of up to 12°C, but today a rapid drop which I prefer. There was no big opportunity for taking a drive in the wheelchair with the camera yesterday, but I manage to hobble into the front garden, despite the wind, and get a couple of leafy photos.

Hurricane Burglind 03.01 (1)

Actually the storm did me a favour as the leaves have now gathered together in one place in the garden.

Falling Tree Hurricane Burglind 03.01 (3)

The tree on the right in the photo was already leaning before the sturm began and we were waiting to see if it would fall. After lunch the tree was no longer standing and was lying on the ground behind the shed. It had been there since our estate was built- We were lucky that it did not fall on our places. I assume that the gardening people will probably come and collect it today. There were many fallen trees after the storm and the roads became dangerous places. I was glad Mr. Swiss got some emergency shopping done first thing in the morning, when the storm had not yet picked up on speed.

Life is gradually back to normal, although I still have the feeling that Christmas and New Year are hovering around somewhere. We now have room in the fridge again. I suppose I should now think about my New Year Resolutions, but I did not really make any. I do not drink or smoke so I cannot give that up. I eat, of course, but have changed my diet a little. I can no longer manage big meals, although I eat enough and I have now cut out chocolate and sweet stuff after eating the main meal. It was really not so difficult and I should be more careful of my sugar intake in any case, diabetes and all that. I take tablets and am not on injections for that problem which I would like to avoid. I have enough to do with my MS injections every second day. I have the routine but they are the real McCoy  with medicine to mix in the syringe before injecting.

Great Tit

Although it was stormy yesterday the birds were still coming to visit the birdhouse and were disappointed when they found it was not there, as we had put it inside. Today the house is back outside again, but the birds are not many, probably showing their annoyance. However this one arrived for a peck. Not such a perfect photo, but with my mobile phone through the window, otherwise they fly away.

And now to go into action. Holidays are gone (except for the golden oldies like myself that are on permanent holiday) so I should do things in the apartment. No shopping today, that will be tomorrow. Already prepare a week-end shopping list again, time flies as the years go by.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That leaning pine destabilized a few years ago and then stayed put until now. If it had been a slow process, the trunk would be curved. Instead, the trunk is straight, with an angular kink in it where it had to change direction to grow vertically for the past few years. The lateral branches below the kink are perpendicular to the trunk, even at the angle. If the trunk had grown at that angle, the branches would be more horizontal to the ground, instead of perpendicular to the trunk.

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    • It was planted 20 years ago and gradually began to lean I suppose. I noticed it a few years ago and now the storm gave it the rest. The gardening team arrived this morning to cut the remains and now it no longer exists. Your explanation was very interesting.

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  2. Garry and I eat surprisingly little food these days. We are both pre-diabetic, so we are careful about sweet stuff anyway and my stomach doesn’t like large amounts of food at a time. I can eat, but smaller portions more often, not huge meals. You’d think eating this little I’d lose weight, but nope. i’m the same weight. I just eat a lot less.

    We had a whole blizzard today and about a foot and a half of snow. And it’s extremely cold. Weird, weird weather everywhere.

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    • I used to eat more, but now also manage better with less and more often. I have maintained my weight. I have to be careful with diary products as they can play havoc with my digestive system.
      I saw that your part of the states is getting a huge snowstorm. It is even snowing in Florida. We still had high winds yesterday as an aftermath of the storm, but no snow.


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