13 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 04.01.2018 Calluna

  1. Major snow storm in New York city. White out conditions. The Mayor and Governor closed the schools and I made it home safely before the buses and subways close.
    I wish it were summer. I can hear the emergency vehicles outside. At least I’m home and don’t have to return until Sunday night. Great flowers. They help me think warm thoughts.

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    • We heard in Europe that the States are having a very cold and rough Winter. Keep safe.We should be having snow and cold, but at the moment the weather is playing a game. After our “hurrican” yesterday the temperatures have dropped, but they were up to 12°C which is very warm for this time of the year.


      • Thanks. I made it home safely yesterday morning.
        I have no plans to get on the buses or subways. Staying close to home. Times like this I wish my brother Stephen and I lived in Hawaii where it’s 80 degrees every day!
        Glad you and Mr. Swiss are safe and well.

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  2. This is one of those few plants that I do not understand the allure of. We had fields of large heather plants in Montara. They were grown as cut flower. I see the smaller types at garden shows, and they seem to be very popular with those who recognize them. I just do not get it.

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      • Oh, I certainly do not mean to doubt that they are attractive. I just find so many other flowers to be more attractive. I sometimes think that they are something that people who know them appreciate more, like how those of us in the Santa Clara Valley like apricot trees in bloom

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        • Where you live must be a sort of flower paradise. We have to adapt our plants according to the season and through the winter there are almost none. I noticed yesterday that my snowdrops are now appearing and my white helleborus are also making an effort to flower. I was wondering if your area has also been involved in the cold weather predominating in the States at the moment. Any snow in California?

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          • There is always snow somewhere in California. This is a big place with more variation in climate than anywhere else. We have almost tropical climates, rain forests, hot and dry deserts, chaparral (where I am from), saline basins below sea level and high mountains, all in one state. The deepest snow in the world is in Tahoe. Yet, San Jose has not had snow since 1974. (I just recently wrote about it for a few days from now.) Some areas never get snow. In some ways, it is a floral paradise; but there are many things that are not happy here, like so many of the conifers. Spruce and fir can live here, but are not happy about it.


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