7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. I’m good with the triffids. I couldn’t do this one really either. I think they wanted maybe babies? Plant or human or animal? I didn’t have any babies or any type, so i made up a story and put up pictures I like. You can’t always dance to their tune.

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  2. It looks like ivy climbing the trees. In our neighborhood, English ivy does this commonly. Algerian ivy and all sorts of other vines do it too. Tropical vines are more aggressive, and strangler figs actually strangle and kill the host trees once they reach the top of the forest and are able to stand on their own. Ivies prefer to climb as high as they can without killing the host.
    Ivy and many vines have three stages. The juvenile stage creeps along the ground looking for something to climb. This is why ivy makes a nice ground cover as long as it is kept out of trees and such. The mediary stage climbs trees or whatever support the juvenile growth encounters. The adult stage blooms and sets seed once the mediary growth reaches the top of its support or at least gets into enough sunlight that it is convinced that it is close enough to the top of the forest. It is how they compete in the wild.

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    • It could be ivy, it sprouts up everywhere in our area. Some time ago the local gardeners began to remove it from the trees in our area, but so many people complained, they stopped doing it. Thanks for the explanation. I see the older ivy plants often with the seed heads.

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