Good Morning

Burglind Orkan

Everything empty outside, no birdhouse, no chairs and no table, we are being invaded by a hurrican called Burglind, I do not know where they find these names, but if it is the biggest one of the century at least we have a name to remember it by. The last hurrican was Lothar around Christmas in 1999. The Winter storms are always the worst. We will probably lose a few trees, and there will be casualties. I went on a wheelchair tour yesterday afternoon and discovered we have two cranes in our village.

Feldbrunnen 02.01 (24)

This one is just around the corner, so I hope it doesn’t come tumbling down, it would not be the first time that a wind has blown one over.

As said we now have an appartment with its own birdhouse, and furniture from outside until the gusts of wind eventually are gone, which will probably be tomorrow. At the moment it is early morning and not at full strength. They have reported the wind will be up to 160 kph which is about 100 mph so keep your hats on if you can. We are in the flatlands and so there is nothing to stop the wind speed. As this comes after a holiday, our cupboards are really bare and we was counting on shopping this morning which is now out of the question. We have been warned to stay at home.

However, undaunted Mr. Swiss is on his way in the car. We knew that the wind speeds will pick up during the morning, so now is the last chance. I am not happy about him on the road at the moment, but he found, like all men would, no problem. From my kitchen window I can see the bushes and trees waving in the wind.

Feldbrunnen 02.01 (17)

As I said I took a little drive through the village in my wheelchair yesterday afternoon, with the camera of course. It was so good to get out again and take a few photos, although most of them I will saving for a few challenges. However, this is a view at the end of the path where our side of the village stops because there is some farmland in the way.

I at last discovered how to put me wheelchair in second gear which is useful for going up steep slopes, although even second was fast enough. It is surprising how fast a wheelchair can go when you give it full power. I have not yet tried the third gear, but that would probably break the sound barrier.

Alps 02.01 (2)

I was surprised to see how clear the view of the alps was from our village yesterday. That was probably because of the high winds, and the clear air we have.

At the moment Burglind is gathering in speed and I have problems opening a window. Mr. Swiss said to keep the blinds closed as well, but I like to look out and see what is happening in between. There are a few brave birds fluttering around, probably looking for their birdhouse which is at the moment in our spare room.

Wednesday is usually a shopping day for me and Mr. Swiss but now I am homebound today most probably. Perhaps I might get a few good photos of the storm passing through.

Mr. Swiss has just arrived home safely and completed the quest for food. Enjoy the day, see you later if we are not swept away.

Feldbrunnen 02.01 (21)

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I was wondering…. What a name for a storm! Yesterday we phoned both our mothers from France to tell them to be aware of the dangers. They both hadn’t heard about it yet….. Modern technique!
    Hope you stay inside too….. We had a taste of the storm at 5am and a bit of hail at 10am….. Both our tall bird-tables (heavily weighed down to the terrace floor) are still standing and the birds are feasting on their SWISS food! Couldn’t find any anywhere here in France.
    Wishing you a mostly happy New Year and much courage for your outings with your electric chair 🙂 We visited Interlaken and I said to HH: Oh, those walking sticks all carry Pat’s name – and of course he hadn’t an inkling of what I spoke!

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    • I have no idea where they go the name from. We were fully in the picture about the coming storm here and took all precautions to avoid any problems. I think it came through from France. In the late afternoon the winds had subsided, not without problems. The motorway was closed in Solothurn through to Zürich and lorries toppled over. We also lost a tree. Now we have shifted the birdhouse back outside and the furniture. Tomorrow it will just be heavy rain.
      Wishing you also a happy new year. This afternoon I did not take the wheelchair for a walk, too dangerous, but it is really the answer to my problems. I can now go places and see things again. And I do have my name on my walking stick, a special extra I paid for.


    • The batteries should take me up to 40 kilometers which would take me almost to Bern. The guy that instructed me said not to rely on it as it is according to my manoevres in the chair, but 20-30 kilometers are easy to do. Crossing roads is no problem, but it is not possible to climb stairs.


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