Daily Prompt: No treat today

First of all, is anyone else having problems with something new in the way WordPress have organised things? I no longer find the way when writing a blog, my app is no longer working as it used to, and moderating comments is no longer as simple as it was. Everything is much more complicated. I wrote on the forum to WordPress to see what is going on. Perhaps I missed something somewhere.


Today Switzerland and other European countries were visited by a hurricane, I mentioned it this morning in a blog. Winds were very high and it could have been Autumn again when I saw my garden afterwards, full of leaves.

One of our trees had been on a slant for some months. The taller it grew the more it began to lean. Luckily it was planted behind one of the bicycle sheds, although watching it waver in the wind, it was not certain where it would eventually arrive when it might fall.

Winds were getting stronger and we had lashing rain in between, something like an end of the world mood. At lunch time we were in the kitchen and afterwards Mr. Swiss saw that the tree has now been uprooted. It no longer withstood the strong winds and toppled, luckily onto the roof of the shed. I met my neighbour whose apartment was directly opposite the tree, and he said it fell in a good place, otherwise it would have fallen into his garden. He was in the process of removing his Christmas Tree from the garden which the storm had also blown over. One tree less I suppose, but it was always in the way when I wanted to take a photo.

The neighbour told me that the motorways were closed in our area and there were a few lorries that had toppled over. I saw a report of a scaffolding that collapsed on a house. Luckily no-one was injured, and I am glad that our building work is now finished. There have been no casualties up to now. It is late afternoon and it seems the worst is through. Tomorrow it will be constant torrential rain, but at least no longer such strong winds.

Daily Prompt: No treat today

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: No treat today

  1. 😦 The worst weather, IMO. As for WP, it seems it’s always messing with something… For months I have not been able to “like” a post on the actual website of the post. I also cannot read comments from my own site. I just hope every day I am thorough in finding the kind words that are often left for my dogs. :p

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  2. I didn’t know you could have hurricanes in Europe. I thought that was a North American and sometimes Asian thing.

    I’m still used the “old” editing and admin sites. They still work pretty well. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get rid of the new “comment” form, though. It took me a few days to figure it out. It works, but it doesn’t work as well as the old one and it offers a lot fewer options and none of the special text features of the earlier versions. I had to re-install the “old” editor again the other day. Somehow, the new one had crept in and half the stuff I use, I can’t even find on the new format. I can’t figure out how to feature an article (not a picture, the whole post) … or set the author … and working with graphics is impossible. I can’t even FIND most of the graphics in the new format.

    I actually tried the new format several times, in each iteration they’ve come up with and while it wasn’t as bad sometimes as other times, it was never GOOD. It was never easy. Another one of the many things i don’t understand about WordPress. Why do they make doing simple things harder with each “improvement” they make? Instead of making the format easier and simpler to use, it just gets MORE complicated and more abstruse. So I use the original version. If you decide you want to revert to it, let me know and I’ll send you the instructions. They are pretty easy and you can contact the guy who writes the instructions because he’s German and he can give you the instructions in a language you may understand better … or maybe you husband will.

    It isn’t you. It really IS them.

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    • I actually like the new editor. At the begiining I changed back to the old one, I got the instructions from somewhere, but I decided to give the new editor a go and have been using it for a couple of years, almost since it was introduced. I have never had a problem with the new editor, but at the moment I have a big problem with my WordPress app. because it no longer goes automatically to the read, but another tab I was looking at. The last thing I look at on the computer now remains. On my Microsoft computer I have various tabs, but my problem lies with my Apple computer. It is a bit difficult to explain, but I am no longer getting where I want to go automatically. Something somewhere is now not functioning. I suspect it has something to do with the new template stuff for using a mobile phone to post, which I never ever do. It is silly and an insult to my blogging intelligence. The new comment form is very amateur. If I delete a comment it leaves a trace behind showing that it is deleted.
      And we do get hurricanes in Europe, although we call them differently “Orkan”.

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      • My overall posting is the same, but I never changed to the new editor and that may be why it’s the same as it was. I don’t like the new comment form, especially because it no longer lets you use any text features like italics or bold. But that’s a small thing compared to the issues you are having.

        They’ve also made it much harder to use graphics. I have a terrible time finding anything older than a couple of months. Everything is said up for new bloggers and we who have been around awhile are not getting any of the perks.

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        • But I can use italics and bold. Photos are no problem but perhaps graphics which I never use. My problem at the moment is that the complete assembly of a blog is missing important features that have disappeared.


  3. I have not been doing this long enough to notice any problems. I just got here in September.
    That storm came and went really fast. You were just writing about its arrival less than twelve hours ago. (It was midnight here, and it is now a quarter to ten.)

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    • The winds are still here and will continue through the night, but the main part is now through. When I wrote about it, it was morning 8.00 a.m. and it had already been blowing through since the evening before, but we slept through that part. Tomorrow we have the epilogue with torrential rain all day. Luckily we live high above the river.

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      • We are getting our second storm today, after a long dry December! It is not raining yet, but could start any time! It will be a while before the River comes up, but we are excited about it nonetheless.

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  4. That sounds pretty violent for this time of year! I was driving home this morning, and herd that Switzerland was having some wild weather! I hope it doesn’t return!

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    • The last big storm was 1999 so it does not happen often. Today the wind is less and it is raining. It is almost over. It was very warm so it increased the danger of avalanches in the mountains.


  5. Like Marilyn I got the fix that allows me to keep using the old editor on my desktop. The laptop I haven’t changed. I really prefer the old one. However, although I do find it a bit harder to get where I want to go I haven’t noticed any recent changes. Perhaps they don’t do all accounts at the same time but country by country so I may still have that to look forward to.
    We have cyclones in Australia, mainly in the north, Queensland, Northern Territory and the northern parts of Western Australia. It’s the season for them now but no bad ones so far. I’m not sure how a cyclone and a hurricane differ.

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    • I think cyclines and hurricane are similar, just a matter of names. We call them “Orkan” here. We always seem to get one (few and far between) at the end of the year. The last one arrived on Christmas Day in 1999,
      I have the old editor if I want it, but have go so used to the new one now that I never think about it. I can do everything on the new one that I could on the old one. The problem at the moment is that WordPress seem to be in saving mood and have cut out a few handy bits. On the Microsoft computer it is not so bad, but it has played havoc with my Apple computer. They don’t do everything at the same time, but gradually we all get the changes.


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