Daily Prompt: Daily Reservation

Road to Langendorf 22.12 (18)

They say when you are a golden oldie, time is no longer so important: really. Of course, I can now do whatI I want and when I want to, but somehow through life you have an internal clock that ticks and now and again sends out an alarm. I can stop hugging my bed in the morning when I want to. I am not really going anyway important or doing anything important. I can lay in bed until lunchtime, who cares? I realised after a few months of retirement that life does not really work that way, at least not for me. I have to have a sort of routine and so I reserve certain times for certain chores.

Does it really matter, no of course not. I thought I would try not doing what I do at that certain time. It works, I survive,  So imagine not doing annything, just sitting around with a book, or on your computer all day. Is that the meaning of life? I suppose for some it is, but not for me. Why do I do what I do every day?

I could order a pizza for lunch, or buy frozen meals that you do not have to cook: in the oven and no clearing away the dishes afterwards. Just throw away the various boxes or plastic packing,

I remember my mum in our old row house in tbe slums of London. She would scrub the floors (we had inoleum – not many carpets) once a year and always on Good Friday. I have no idea why, but that was the day when dad had to take me for a walk, and so he would show me all the little nooks an crannies of the city of London where he worked as a young man: once as a messenger boy in the city for Lloyds Insurance, and later in the 50 bob tailors and eventually a hat shop somewhere near Fenchurch Street. It was his world, and he showed it to me. Today it no longer exists, torn away by the rebuilding of London. We would return home and hope that mum had finished her annual cleaning exercise. I think mum and dad bought their first vacuum cleaner when I was 10 years old and it was only used now and again. We only had three carpets.

Probably this influenced my future life as well as the Swiss way of life. Today I hoover every day, clean the bathroom and shower in detail once a week on a rota system, and windows? Every week somewhere windows will be cleaned, not all at the same time. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has taken over the kitchen thorough clean once a week. Why do I do this? I am a golden oldie and have nothing better to do with my time, except sitting at the computer or reading a book.

Today I even fitted in a ride in my wheelchair in the village for half an hour, taking photos and generally enjoying doing something completely different. With the advancing years, I have discovered I need this and it proves that I can still do it.

Daily Prompt: Daily Reservation

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Daily Reservation

    • I need it. Mr. Swiss have many discussions as he thinks I could leave it for once (or twice) thinking of me and the work. I don’t classify it as work and if I don’t do it, then something is missing somewhere. Silly isn’t it, but we all have our ways.

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    • It was my last chance for a few days to get out. We have storm warning from this evening and all day tomorrow. Everyone is warned to remain at home if possible.


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