Share Your World – January 1, 2018

What one word describes you best?

Me and grandad on the right on the photo. Never ask you partner for a word to describe you. It proves that men do not understand women and they use too many words. I am creative, thoughtful, a happy-go-lucky sort of person, that has a sense of humour. Mr. Swiss tells me that not everyone understands my sort of humour, and I can sometimes be annoying when he is reading a newspaper or watching the news on the TV as I bother him with trivialities such as a shopping list. This question is now hanging as undecided.

What is set as the background on your computer?


On my Windows machine I have Tabby in one of her best poses.


My Apple computer has a standard photo supplied by Apple, but it appeals to me.

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been too?

I live in a foreign country, Switzerland, but after 50 years it is no longer so foreign and I even have a Swiss passport. Originally I am English, and still have British Nationality. Otherwise: USSR (1964), Finnland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Liechtenstein and USA.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Wheelchair 28.12 (1)

I appreciated at last getting my electric wheelchair. At last I can get out again with my camera. Walking was no longer as safe as it should be and balancing a camera with a stick in one hand was not ideal when taking a photo. I also did not have the stamina for longer than about 15 minutes to go far. Learning how to drive a wheelchair is more complicated than a car I discovered. When you see someone in a wheelchair you do not realise that they also have to learn how it works. Forward and backwards is no problem, but try making a three-point-turn to park it in a good place. That needs practice. Otherwise everything under control, it even has a horn to warn people and lights for right and left.

At last the Christmas is over and I now only have to push the new year away which is not such a big problem. Then life will be back to normal.

Share Your World, January 1, 2018

10 thoughts on “Share Your World – January 1, 2018

  1. I am glad the electric wheelchair suits you. We have a basic travel wheelchair for me which mostly stays in the boot of the car unless I collapse in public and get tossed into it for home delivery. I got electrocuted some ten years back and still have problems with internal electricity jumping around a lot, which makes epilepsy. Oh well–we all do our best!

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    • It was good to hear from someone that also has a wheelchair. I know a few people, but have otherwise absolutely no experience. I need the Wheelchair because of my MS which will never get better with time and I want to maintain my lifestyle as much as possible. My wheelchair is not for transport by car, but I can lean on the shopping trolley and push it in the supermarket.


  2. i admit, it never crossed my mind you needed to learn to drive the chair. It has also made me realize that this house is hopeless. I could never get a chair out of here or even into it. I better keep walking!

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    • When I did my practice run where I bought it there was plenty of space. My chair is not intended for inside, but I have to park it somewhere. Guiding it through doorways and turning it to park it is necessary, but it gets better with practice.


  3. Good afternoon
    I am so happy to say goodbye to 2017 – it has been a long and painful year. I have learned to hang in but I am not a particularly patient person. It has taken many years to learn to wait.

    I think my husband if almost 50 years would never use the same words to describe me as I would. I, in the other hand, would describe him in the same words he would choose.

    Guess that’s why there are two words always used : Mars and Venus.

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    • It wasn’t a good year, but wasn’t a bad year and I become grandmother for the first time After 50 years of marriage, I know what my husband will say before he knows it himself. I have to put up with him and he has to put up with me, but we get along OK. Mr. Swiss is now 78 and I am 70 and we have been married for 49 years, so what could be better.

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