Good Morning


Nothing special this morning for the first day of the year. The local blackbird has not noticed the change and still waits for a peck on the food in the birdhouse. My feline Tabby was not a happy cat yesterday evening. It began around 7 in the evening with a fireworks bang from the neighbours above and continued until I eventually disappeared to bed, which was already past midnight. I compensated this morning by setting up a record of sleeping in. This firework thing at the new year began about 10 years ago and is now routine, but I do not think that animals appreciate it so much.

Yesterday evening was nothing special. The usual TV shows which were probably recorded some time in the Summer heat. Everyone dressed up and singing the same songs, so we switched channels to see a John Wayne film “Circus World” which only had a break to ring the New Year in. I do not really watch TV, so it was running in the background whilst I was reading. It was such a stupid film, although had a star cast. John Wayne was the circus chief, but a strange circus with everything you could imagine, even elefants and everyone dressed so super good. This was one of the successful spectacular films from the early sixties with a star packed cast, but I found it poor acting and very superficial. On the other hand it was innocent, with no murders, just everyone having a good heart and meaning well. After all it was made more than 50 years ago.

Alps 31-12-2'17 (4)

Yesterday was a wonderful pre-Spring day although it was the last day of December. I shot this photo from my front garden. Usually the alps are shrouded in a bit of a haze, but the view was perfect and all details could be seen which is an exception.

So what are we going to do today? I have no big plans, never do. Just my daily routine, but I have realised that I need this routine. Just sitting around looking out of the window and playing with the computer also has its disadvantages. I have an urge to take photos  at the moment, especially as I can now do it easily with my wheel chair. There was nothig more annoying than hanging my cane in a tree and balancing with the camera leaning against a wall if there was one there. Otherwise it was more luck than judgement that I did not lose my balance and fall.

Birdhouse 28.12 (24)

I can always take a few photos of the birds in front of my window, but same birds and same actions: even that gets monotonous.

I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday. Mr. Swiss was in town in the morning for a walkabout and arrived home with a wonderful New Years gift arrangement. He met a good colleague and he promptly gave this to my husband for me. I was very pleased as it is the unexpected gestures that make a perfect day. So now I am off, have a good start to the New Year and take it easy, although I will not. It would be too monotonous, I have to have some action.

New Year Gift

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Garry says that was probably among Wayne’s worst EVER movies, right up there with when he played Ghengis Khan. I’ve never seen it. When these really awful movies show up, Garry warns me off of them. For some reason, they always have a really expensive cast of character and a terrible script.

    No fireworks except on TV.

    And too cold to go anywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was only running as an excuse. Neither of us were interested, just waiting until midnight. I did not want to insult Wayne, but my opinion was also that it was one of the worst movies he had made, or that I have ever seen. It was pure kitsch. They were a collection of expensive stars but even that did not save the film.
      I did not want to go anywhere and we had far too many fireworks. Tabby is still recovering.


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