Daily Prompt: Almost dry

Letter Box Cover

A wonder of modern building, at last our letters, newspapers and various unwantd advertising material will/should remain dry. When we bought the appartment and moved in, our mailbox was exposed to the elements. The postman only rings twice, and then only when he needs a signature or money, otherwise the post is stuffed into our mailbox at the entance to the appartment block. Each appartment has its own box. We soon noticed that without further protection we were getting newspapers with blurred print and wet envelopes.

As we are a democracy in our living zone, there was a meeting and Mr. Know-it-all-better had discovered the solution. We will now have a super enclosed entrance which would cost – quite a lot of money. It was put to the vote and we declined, not only we declined but one more than the half of us declined, meaning “no”. Mr. Know-it-All-Better found the crafty solution. “If we only had to pay half and the administration company would pay the rest”. This was agreed unanimously and so it came to pass that a protective glass roof was assembled. Unfortunately they forgot to insert a gutter as a rain catcher, and so it was a lot of money for all about nothing.

The post remained wet, perhaps not as wet as it used to be, just at the edges as there was now a glass roof covering it all, which also had to be kept clean now and again and should have made made just a few centimeters wider . When autumn arrived it was covered with leaves and other refuse that was a symptom of high winds.

This year we were 8 months under siege from builders that were renovating everything that could be renovated – almost. They forgot me, although according to Mr. Swiss we are both now past renovatition.

One of the last duties to be performed with this mammoth renewal was to replace this wannabe letter box protection as it had been removed during the 8 months of attack. And so it came to pass that one of the last duties performed was the cover. Again a glass roof, and it all looked very similar until I noticed that a metal gutter had been added at the edge, and it seems to work. I just took a photo and you can see a drip at the edge of the gutter. Actually it is now constantly dripping as we have rain after the snow. Is this the solution? We are almost there, although I am suspicious. Mr. Know-It-All-Better lives in the next appartment block with an indentical entrace to ours with the letter boxes. However, he decided, with agreement of his block neighbours, that this glass covered wonder will not be replaced.

I now hope sincerely that it will rain on his parade/letter box and his newspapers will disintegrate by every page turn. May mushrooms grow on the surface.

Daily Prompt: Almost dry

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Almost dry

  1. So finally, you have dry mail. I hope you get more interesting mail than we do. All we get are summaries of what we spent on medical care, a few bills that don’t show up electronically, and sales catalogs from whoever thinks we need to see the same stuff in a catalog that we see everyday online.

    The oil truck in on the way, or so the driver said. All three dogs are locked in the house, staring out the window. They’ve only been locked in for a few minutes, but are clearly traumatized.

    And the minute the oil guy called … it began to snow. Lightly, but no question: it’s snow. Good that the truck is on the way!

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    • Mail is the excitement of the day. Which bill is the next one arriving and how much will it be? These are the things that make you realise you still have a purpose in life. I am not sure, but I think Mr. Swiss still reads a real newspaper. I am ashamed to admit the only news I get is online.
      Glad you oil truck is now coming. They should fit trucks with satellite signal apparatus like cargo ships at sea, then you can see where it is. The dogs are the warning system. When the truck appears they are sure to bark.
      Our snow is almost gone. It snowed all night and rained all day, we now have sludge.


  2. The Mr Know-it-all-Betters–the bane of society. I work with a Ms Topper. Anything you say, she can top. She has done it better, faster and way before you even thought of it. These two should meet…….**eye roll**

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  3. I join you in your wishes for Mr Know It All Better, I’m sure he was one of the chief instigators of what you had to go through this year. I get most of my bills via email but I always look in the letter box. What am I hoping to find there? Maybe a little card telling me that I must go and pick up a parcel deemed too big for the letter box.

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    • Bills still mainly arrive in the letter box unless I have direct debit but I pay them online. Mr. Know-It-All was the main culprit of the summer building misery, something like the pied piper with everyone blindly following. He even had his own appartment renovated. Now he can sit alone at home and think about the next misery.


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