7 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 29.12.2017 Rowan Tree

  1. I just planted two small ones last year. By small, I mean that they were just little sticks with roots. They are uncommon here, even though there are native specie in the East.

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      • Yes, I have heard that the European ones are popular there. I wanted the North American ones here because it was a traditional fruit in Early American culture that I know nothing about here in the West. All the fruits that I grew up with were exotics, mostly European, and the apricots from Turkey. There are so many American fruits that could be more popular than they are. Oh, sorry to leave such a long message again.

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        • But I am not sure if the berries are edible for humans. We call them „vogelbeere Baum“in German (bird berry tree). It’s 7 a.m. here, so I am just waking up, operating on my iPad.

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          • They are only edible if cooked into sauces, compotes or jellies, which is probably why they are unpopular. Native Americans processed them as well, but did not eat them fresh. They are know as mountain ash here.

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