Daily Prompt: Getting cozy


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. They were the words I heard every day when the children’s hour story began on the radio. In my childhood days we had no television, but we had a radio.

These were not exactly the words that the guy said when he arrived today with my wheelchair, but he made sure I was comfortable. My abilities to walk are not like they used to be due to MS and I decided it was time to make things a little more cosy. After a few months waiting it arrived today. I was wondering would I have room for it, and it was perfect. I had organised my office/blogging operations room to accomodate the wheelchair. Of course I had a trial run when I chose the model, but I ordered a few extras like hard rubber wheels to be sure that I would not lose air on my travels.  I also have an extra holder for my walking stick.

When the guy began his instructions it was like taking the driving test all over again, but this time there is no test, I just have to do the right thing at the right time. Steering was never a strong point with me and steering is the main part of driving a wheelchair. So I seated myself comfortably and alternations were made for my complete comfort. The foot rests we altered to suit my long legs, the seat was adjusted for my perfect body and then I was ready to go. I can tell you it is not easy steering an electric wheelchair. The steering mechanism is in front of the right arm rest.

I even have gradual speed increase and I can tilt the seat if I am going up or down. So after the various adjustments were made I got ready for my first tour. First of all I had to steer it out of the appartment which I did by making an exit by the window. Afterwards I was up the ramp next to our stairs and on the path to freedom. It was a cicular tour and by the time I returned I was on top speed and had everything under control. Mr. Swiss and the instructor guy both came with me to make sure I stayed cosy. I was a little worried about the width of the doors in the appartment, but the wheelchair fits perfectly.

Everyone sees me coming as I have lights for reversing, turning right and turning left and even emergency lights as in a car. There are also three gears by touch of a button, but I am not that far yet. I was just glad that I survived my maiden journey. Of course I also have a horn, a very loud horn, this will be fun.

So now I am set and ready to go. Unfortunately snow has now been forecast for the next days, but it should melt by the new year and then I will be away. The instructor told me that legally I have the same rights as a pedestrian, not that I intend to go on the road with it – yet.

Daily Prompt: Getting Cozy

25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Getting cozy

  1. I’m glad you have got this help but my heart sinks at the idea of you needing a wheelchair. Take care, my friend. You are very important for us. I know you’re an atheist, but I cannot go without saying you that during these days of Christmas my prayers have been with you and will be with you from now on.

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    • I manage OK. MS has its strange ways with a person and I know no two cases that are the same. I was always having problems with balance and thanks to a doctor that sent me to have it all thoroughly examined by a neurologist the tests showed the problem which I have had for many years and not realised. A lot of things are now clear to me. I need the wheelchair to regain my freedom in going places and doing what I want to do. Hobbling around with a stick no longer does it for me and I refuse a zimmerframe. Having an electric wheelchair gives me my independence again. At home I do not use it up to now. One day it might be necessary. Thankyou for your kind thoughts.

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