Daily Prompt: It’s Cherishing time

Pineapples and cream

At the moment I am cherishing the fact that Mr. Swiss bought a pineapple, which I prepared with some sugar. I am now eating the remainder as yesteray I was not in the mood.


The sparrow population are also cherishing the fact that we hung a seed paket in the tree for some food privacy. Otherwise they would have to feed in the birdhouse with the other birds, and that is a fight for the best seed place.

And finally  I noticed that my neighbour had hung her seed offerings in her own designed bird feeder. It appeared the first time last year and is very original.

Bird Food

And I now really cherish my new iPhone X. I am now learning the ways of its camera and I must say it is very good. For the above photo I would usually have to use my DSLR camera to get so close, but I took this one with the iPhone camera, as the photo of the sparrows. I am now learning its ways and it has good possibilities. It can zoom up to 10x which is not bad for a phone and the picture quality is also quite good.

The iPhone also recognises my face. The phone is normally locked when i am not using it, but I just have to look at it when I switch it on and it recognises me. I know I sound like an advertisement for Apple iPhones and I must admit that when it arrived I found the whole show spiked with Walt Disney features. Now I am totally enthusiastic about it: a new toy that I can use.

So enough cherishing at the moment. Chrismas Eve has passed, today is Christmas Day and tomorrow the last day of the Christmas holiday. As a golden oldie every day is a holiday, although there are sometimes doctor’s appointments to be held and shopping to do. At the moment I am cooped up at home. Everything is closed down in Switzerland and there is no action. On the other hand I am now sitting comfortably at home surrounded by all sorts of cyber equipment to tell everyone about it which I really do cherish. I also have my Kindle for reading and in the living room I hear the sounds of a TV.

Yes I enjoy this cyber life, beats knitting any time. I am not the sentimental cherishing type of person, I just know what I like and I do like to spoil myself sometimes.

Daily Prompt: It’s Cherishing Time

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s Cherishing time

  1. I think spoiling myself is the best part of my older life. Could I afford that new lens? No, but it wasn’t THAT expensive and I wanted it, so I bought it because we’re already poor and if we get poorer, how would that make any real difference? And since Garry had already declared he wasn’t getting me anything — because there’s nothing he could buy me I want or need and he knows it — that was my gift to me. Owen got both of my Olympus PL cameras and he and his partner are all excited about photography, going outside, taking pictures of EVERYTHING which is what happens when you get cameras for the first time. I’m just happy to bring two more photographers into the fold. I feel like an Evangelical Missionary for the Faith of Photography!

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    • I find spoiling yourself is the best way to do it. We stopped Christmas gifts a few years ago and it works well. We give nothing and want nothing. Of course one exception will be my grandchild, You cannot take anything with you, so make the most of it When you still have it

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