Daily Prompt: Let’s go non-communal


This is sort of communal place. It is a shop in the mall of our local supermarket, the birthplace of my new iPhone. The nice thing about this shop is that it is never full of people and there is always time to choose and look at what you wish for. There is also a shop powered by the official telephone company of Switzerland in our main town, but to be avoided at all times. There is usually a queue of people waiting that are allotted a ticket when they enter and are organised to wait until someone is free to help them. It is over-communal.

So I ordered my new iPhone X and picked it up last week after it had been organised. However, this new phone has something called face reconition to keep it safe should it be lost, something not very communal. It prevents strange people prying into your Facebook app, or your e-mails should they find it, and so we now have something very non-communal. Up to now I was wary of organising this face recognition thing as I was convinced it would not recognise my face. There are times when I do not recognise it myself.

And so I took the plunge and did it. I followed a revolving circle of light on my phone with my face, causing a slightly stiff neck afterwards. That was all. I also filled in a secret code to complete the job an told SIRI to get lost on my new phone as I do not talk to phones and do not want them to talk to me. After completing the exercise, my phone was ready to go. When I switched it on it showed a closed lock which opened itself. I was confused. A 71 year old golden oldie gets easily confused. I was still not sure how this new thing was working. I did not even know how to switch this new iPhone X off, so I had a quick look in the communal Internet to search for instructions. I found them and managed to switch the complete telephone off, to find that when I switched it on again it did not want to see my wonderful face, but requested a code.

OK, silly stupid me. Sometimes things are in front of your face and you do not realise it, especially when you have a new iPhone with face recognition. The telephone is unavailable to all. The lock on the front screen only unlocks if I look at it. If Mr. Swiss looks at it, it remains locked. I now get it. It is my iPhone, for I, me and myself and automatically locks when I am not using it, to be released by my wonderful facial features. All the big show with videos in Apple Valley or wherever, does not tell us this obvious fact, because it is only idiots like me that do not realise it.

OK, I am now in the communal, non-communal world of face recognition on my telephone. Even if a  message arrives from a web site you cannot see the complete message on the screen but only the word “Message” until I look at the screen. Then it uncovers the facts behind the message

The world of high-tec is a wonderful world, you have to perhaps be 20-25 years old to understand it all.

Otherwise the only communal place I know would be the local cemetery or a public toilet.

Daily Prompt: Lets go anti-communal

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