Daily Prompt: I am miraculous

Me around 6 years old
This is one of those photos that I usually hide from human eyes. Mum and dad had the bright idea to take me to a professional photographer to have my photo taken. Photos were few and far between in those days, and you only took black and white photos with your Brownie box camera on holiday to remember that you were there.

Anyhow I was washed and scrubbed (mum always scrubbed my face until it was bright red and shiny) and dressed in whatever were my Sunday best at the time. The photographer put my hand on the doll’s house to make it artistic and the photo was done. Note the nice white shoes and the socks with the frilly edges. Do I see a pom pom on the back of the left sock? Mum had some strange ideas sometimes. And note the bow in my hair, mum had a thing for bows and I must have had a collection in all the colours of the rainbow to match whatever I was wearing.

The funny thing is that I believe all of my cousins and a few members of my school class had photos taken in the same studio. The dolls house changed into a train for boys of course, but it was the done thing in the East End of London to have your photo taken at Percy Griffiths studio in Bow. He even altered the trimming at the bottom of the wall now and again.

So the miracle is that this 5-6 year old grew up and is today 71 years old and still going strong. Another miracle being that I have been blogging for at least 10 years. Although I often do not feel like prompting daily, I do it, as today, but I always seem to have something to say.

Today’s miracle is that I have now compiled my Christmas shopping list – not for gifts, but for food. It is on my iCloud on my iPhone shared by Mr. iSwiss. Tomorrow morning we will attack the supermarket and battle our way through the masses to ensure that we do not starve over the Christmas Holidays.

And that is all I have to say, I have to collect my strength to perform my shopping miracles tomorrow. I will be back with a few more miracles later.

Daily Prompt: I am miraculous

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I am miraculous

  1. Well, at least SOMEONE is later than I am with the whole gift thing. I don’t give a lot of gifts anymore, at least not at Christmas. I tend to give people things when they need them throughout the year … and my son does the same thing, so by Christmas, we are generally out of money anyway. And I HATE WRAPPING, so I gave Owen and Garry their presents so I wouldn’t need to wrap them, leaving only Kaity and her mom … and the dogs. Whether or not to wrap for the dogs is a minor discussion point. ]

    I think it’s a freaking miracle we survived this year and are still marching into the next one!

    Ten years of blogging is a lot of blogging. It’ll be 6 for me this year, which is also a fair bit of it. This week has been heavily photographic, so I haven’t bothered with the prompts since I’ve been processing pictures with any time not given to something else. And I have to start doing some cooking for Christmas Eve when I get the whole family. Phew. THEN the party is over for the year. YAY.

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    • I give no gifts, and do not want any gifts. No-one in our family does. We stopped it a few years ago. There is no wrapping and running around in the shops for months to find stuff. I buy myself what I want (my new iPhone) and Mr. Swiss does the same. We all have our own money to buy what we want. Hence wrapping does not exist here. Christmas also does not exist (at least not for me). I will be cooking, but something I can cope with and no stress. I wrote my shopping list this afternoon on my iPhone whilst I was relaxing on the bed after cleaning the shower and now we are all happy.
      I find it a freaking miracle that I survive until the evening these days, but I hobble through. Funny, I often find myself thinking of dad. I lost him more than a year ago, but he was always there somehow.
      I began my blogging in the old days of Yahoo 350 or how it was called. They collapsed and I moved on to Multiply. That was a great site and I still have contacts today, although mainly in Facebook where they all went. I decided to stay in WordPress and extend it a bit as I always had a small backup there and I am glad. There are a lot of blogging sites. WordPress may not be perfect, but they understand bloggers more or less and that is OK with me


  2. I also had a mother who liked hair ribbons. She used to put curlers in my alreadywavy hair to make “sausage curls” until I rebelled because they hurt to sleep on. She also bought my sister and I duster coats and straw bonnets. Luckily I grew out of my bonnet quickly but my sister had it worse as she had to wear mine when she grew out of hers.I’m still not a hat person.
    I was going to ask about the dolls house but as it was a prop you would not know what it was. To be fair I didn’t know what make my childhood dollshouse was until the last few years when I researched it.

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    • Those bows were in all colours. I don’t know what the idea was, because my hair was not exactly thick and curly, but mum liked it i suppose. I never had a dolls house, never actually wanted one. I was never a doll person: more railway and toy guns

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    • To be quite honest I think the whole thing was boring for me and I never did get the idea of hanging onto a doll‘s house. I was glad when the whole thing was over.


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