Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (12)

Yesterday it snowed, not just now and again, but a real genuine snow that fell from the early morning until lunchtime. It was also very cold, so not much hope of it melting in the meanwhile. We managed to get out of the garage and skidded onto the side road. We turned the corner and discovered that thanks to perfect timing, the local road train was passing through and the barriers were closing. The car in front of us was our guide to the the road situation. The train passed through and he drove off, wanting to turn left towards the main town. Mr. Swiss mentioned that his tyres first of all drifted right, then left and right again until he managed to get onto the main road towards left.

Now it was our turn. We waited for a traffic free road and launched out. We must have hit lucky as we did it with no great problem. Thanks to the fact that Mr. Swiss is Swiss and grew up in snow and ice in Winter, he drove with no great difficulty to the supermarket, although slower than usual of course.

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (81)

This was the entrance road to the parking lots, and it was still snowing. Luckily the snow ploughs had done their work and the road was clear, but it was still snowing. Mr. Swiss even risked driving up to the top floor as it is easier to get to the entrance of the supermarket being able to walk straight and not up a slope. I was glad we arrived safely with no problems.

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (46)

Some roads were better than others, but on every street you saw one of this mini ploughs where they were clearning the sidewalks. I was happy to get home again afterwards and we were both glad that we had no big problems. It is those that leave early in the morning that make the worst experiences. Thank goodness for being golden oldies. We can now plan our own day.

Snow on the Christmas roses

Even the Chrismas roses they were selling outisde the supermarket got their fair share of snow, but they do not mind so much. They are the first and almost only flowers to appear in the cold winter months.

Otherwise I was quite busy yesterday and made the most of the jouney in the snow, taking almost 100 photos. I had to upload them and work on them and filter out the bad photos. It is not easy taking photos from a moving car, especially as I cannot tell Mr. Swiss to stop or slow down for the perfect prize suspicious photo. I try to do it as quietly as possible.

At the moment it is not snowing and I am not sorry. We have a bit of shopping to do this week for this wonderful Christmas season where we wallow in stress in the stores. I have made a list, but there are a few things I like to buy when fresh. I have my ham and red cabbage for next week already, which takes care of one day, probably Boxing Day. Everything else will be taken care of at the end of the week. Why do we have to do this every year. I do not even celebrate Christmas. If there was such a fuss about my birthday, nothing would ever get done.

And now to move on to the bathroom cleaning session and a few other hobbies I have in the appartment. Have a good day and love your computers. They love you too.

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (48)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Beautiful!
    Well done to Mr. Swiss. Driving in weather like this requires real skill and awareness. Most drivers who are unfamiliar with these conditions often underestimate the effects. Similarly drivers who overestimate their skills. Having been a professional driver in Finland I have seen many small lapses in concentration that have turned into danger situations.

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  2. It looks like Tahoe. You know, California has more diversity in climates than the rest of America. We have the driest and hottest deserts as well as rain forests (although the rainiest rain forest is in Washington). Truckee gets more snowfall than anywhere in America, although most of California gets no snow at all.

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  3. It warmed up today and everything has been dripping … and there are muddy paw prints all over the house. I will clean them … as soon as they stop bringing in new ones! This is good because over the weekend, temperatures are likely to drop with snow forecast for Sunday — just in time for Christmas Eve. I tend to get tired of winter before it’s finished getting started. We do OK in snow. We’ve driving in a lot of it through the years. Both of us were raised in snowy areas and before 4-wheel drive cars … but an awful lot of people seem to forget between seasons HOW to drive in snow. It’s not what I do that worries me. It’s those OTHER cars!

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    • We had the big snow and now rain is forecast until Christmas with warmer temperatures. I don’t mind as mobility will be better for me. It is now just a matter of logistics organising stuff for the holidays. I am glad to get out in between. Even shopping is like a days holiday for me. I could manage driving in winter when I had to and Mr. Swiss taught me all the tricks, but I never felt comfortable with it.


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