Flower of the Day: 19.12.2017 Protea


Let’s have a photo of one of my favourites. If the triffid would exist, and I am sure they do somewhere in a laboratory, they would be related to the protea. These flowers look so strange and out of this world.  Now and again they arrive in our local store at a price that I would not pay, even strange has its price. Taking photos does not cost anything.

Flower of the Day: 19.12.2017 Protea

7 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 19.12.2017 Protea

  1. Proteas are part of the wild flower scenery on our mountains – I have some photos of Proteas on some of my earlier blogs. That big one is Protea cynaroides , common names being Giant Protea or King Protea. It is also our national flower – South Africa.

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    • They not often marked with the exact names in our store, but last week they had some named as “King Protea”, but 10 Swiss Francs each. You are lucky to have them grow wild. we only see them in special stores for plants.

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