Good Morning

Snowy morning

This is as near as I will get to the morning view of the garden. I had to put the phone camera on zoom to get a better photo. Mr. Swiss warned me not to go outside because we have freezing temperatures and it had begun to snow some time in the night. It has now stopped snowing, but I can hear the sounds of the snow clearing machines in our area already. I also just heard the sound of an ambulance on its way from the hospital, and Mr. Swiss said it is the second time this morning. Everyone has been warned to drive carefully as our roads are not as safe as they should be at the moment, having a layer of ice on top of the snow just to complete the picture.

It looks very pretty, but these are the days when I do not appreciate the beauty of the snow so much, only the dangers that lurk for me. I have memories of going to work in the early morning hours in Winter and being thankful to arrive in one piece with the car. The highlights were when it continued to snow throughout the morning. I then had to release my car from the snow piles to be able to drive to the nearby supermarket when I did some shopping and had lunch in the restaurant.  In the evening, driving home, the day was completed with a 10 minute drive that now took at least half an hour, if not more, to arrive home safely.

This morning we have to visit the store for food, but only at 10.00 a.m. approximately and we are hoping that by then the conditions will be just pretty and not treacherous.

Snowy morning

The other garden does not look much better. Mr. Swiss is now describing the horror scenes which we will probably meet on the way to the store. I now have a disappointed magpie sitting in the tree opposite waiting for his daily bread ration. Mr. Swiss warned me not to go out due to skid danger. He is now preparing the bread himself and will chance a walk to the other side of the garden for the birds.

I have discovered jigsaw puzzles on the computer. Actually some time ago, but it feeds my creative mind. I have done most of the free ones and have now discoverd a jigsaw a day which is free and appeals to my imagination. I don’t even get a photo of the completed jigsaw, just a date to click. They are quite fun and I can even choose the size and amount of the pieces. In between reading a book I quite enjoy them. In this cold, unfriendly weather it keeps me out of mischief.

It seems that the iPhone, iPad etc. have yet another update which I will now procede to install and so I must go onto other duties. Have a good day, wear good winterproof shoes with nice big profiles on the soles to avoid slipping around too much if you have snow. Those in Australia, make sure you apply enough sun cream to avoide sunburn (lucky people). I will leave you with the third candle of our advents wreath burning – our only Christmas decoration.

Advents wreath

28 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I may need the sun cream tomorrow as it is forecast to be 32 degrees Celsius which is warm for Tasmania. How glad I am that I no longer live on the mainland where it can be 5-10 degrees hotter sometimes for weeks on end. I think we have a great climate here with a little bit of everything but never one thing for too long except perhaps rain, that can go on for a week in this part of Tasmania. I don’t spend a lot of time out in the sun on very hot days except on the rare occasions that I go to a cricket match . Christmas Day looks like being about 20 degrees which to me is just right. We can still enjoy a traditional British meal.

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    • I feel better in the colder weather with my MS, but sometimes you can get a little too much of a good thing. It was no fun this morning on the road, but Mr. Swiss managed quite well. The Swiss have i in the blood. I think your Tasmanian temperatures would be a little too hot for me.

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  2. Hi, Pat; I have been rather silent (not only at night) but just wanted to wish you happy holidays and joy with your jigsaw puzzles. I really like them, but have yet to get them on my computer. Free ones for me, too. Best wishes from New Mexico which is not always hot (1.66C on Christmas day!) but usually sunny; that always helps. Talk to you next year. Stay happy & healthy, and safe.

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    • I wish you the same down in New Mexico. There seems to be quite a group that like to do jigsaw puzzles. I used to do them as a kid and there was always that certain piece that got lost on the way. At least alll the pieces are there on the computer. I am not going anywhere for Christmas so will still be on my daily tour of the WordPress. See you next year and thanks for calling in.


  3. Our road are much the same. This is because we had all these little snows that don’t get cleared — not deep enough for a plow — and it has been cold, so they they melt a little during the day, they ice over every night and then we get a new little snow on top of it. It’s going to be wicked on the roads this Christmas and New Year’s. It’s one of the reasons I hate snow before the holidays. With a lot of people drinking and driving, the accident rate gets really HIGH.

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    • They are very good at clearing our roads, but this time it fell on Monday morning, it was very cold and they could not manage to do everything. We were worried, but the journey to the supermarket was basically ok, just a few corners that were dodgy. I saw at least 5-6 snow ploughs on the journey clearing what they could. Where we live they cleared the paths and threw down salt everywhere, although I was not tempted to go out. It was in the early morning when it was most dangerous and now when it approaches evening and the icy temperatures return.


      • They’re good at cleaning up, but when there isn’t much snow, the plows simply can’t do it. All that would do is chop up the roads. It has to be at least 3 or 4 inches for the plows to work. When we get a lot of little, 1 inch snows, there is no clearing. So it builds up and turns to ice.

        They can’t use heavy salt here because of the wells. It would poison our water. They use a lot of sand, though.

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        • Switzerland seems to be geared to dealing with snow. They also grit the roads and sidewalks here. The main thing is to have good footwear with a profile on the soles.


    • I have a good skin for sun and go brown, no red or burning. I rarely use sun cream. My doctor also gives me vitamin D in winter, but I suspect it has become a medical fashion thing. I survived all my life without vitamin D and I never lived in a very sunny country.

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  4. Good evening here in VA. We haven’t had much snow but we feed st least one hundred birds a day. Blue jays, cardinals, downy woodpecker and way too many invader sparrows arrive as soon as I open the door to the railing. I had surgery on both feet two weeks ago and have many bandages and funny rubber shoes to protect the 100 plus stitches in my feet. Have to keep my feet bandages until at least January 5, 2018. You must be careful not to slip! 🎄🌲🎁🎄❤️⛄️

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    • Good luck with your foot problem and hope you recover OK. We don’t have such a variety of birds here. Sparrows are everywhere. Our main Winter birds are various tits. I never see them in Summer, but as soon as I have the bird feeder outside in Winter they move in.


    • I grew up in London, where we had snow now and again in Winter. Living in Switzerland they have no snow now and again in Winter. I have never lived anywhere without having a cold season and it warmer season.


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