Flower of the Day: 18.12.2017 Poinsettia


I thought I would bring something seasonal today and took this photo this morning in the store. I have a poinsettia at home, but this is one of the special Christmas editions with glittery stuff on the leaves and bracts. I am not really sure that I like it this way, a bit of a cheap Christmas gimmick, but I suppose there are people that like them for Christmas on the table.

I still have my poinsettia from last year, but only green leaves. It has grown quite well, I fed it throughout the summer outside, but I do not have the patience to try for coloured bracts.

Flower of the Day: 18.12.2017 Poinsettia

9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 18.12.2017 Poinsettia

  1. While in school, I met Paul Ecke, a descendant of the Ecke Family who popularized poinsettias in Southern California back before anyone can remember. I remember I accidentally said something rude to him while all my colleagues were trying to kiss up. The funny thing is that he seemed to appreciate my frankness while everyone else was being so phony. I really did not mean to be rude. I think I said that I do not really like some of the new cultivars that were coming out at that time, or something to that effect. He agreed that the old fashioned reds were prettier, but that he had to keep up with current trends.

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    • Poinsettias only live in the home during the Winter in our part of the world, it would be too cold outside. Inalso find red is the best colour. The other colours don’t belong to the Christmas Season.I find that some gardeners can be quite ruthless with the plants, although it is their work. Me, as a simple housewife, wants to rescue the plants that are no longer healthy whilst the gardener would probably throw it away and replace it.

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      • Poinsettias are not very appealing in their natural form anyway. They are all stem with little foliage. I sometimes wonder why someone thought they might be nice to domesticate.

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          • My great grandmother in Sunnyvale had one next to her front door longer than anyone can remember. It grew up to the eaves, but the top got frosted where it tried to venture out from under the eaves. It was UGLY, but she really liked it because it was a very old gift from her son-in-law’s family.

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  2. I have one as well that I bought recently. It’s in my kitchen by a sunny window. I tend to think of them more as indoor plants. Mine is not a glittery number though. I think they look fine as they are.

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