Daily Prompt: Clawprints in the Snow

Blackbird footprints

“Which way Fred?”

“No idea Joe, just follow the prints.”

“Those females can really get confusing. Looks like they went that way.”

“Which way?”

“The direction of the clawprints: straight ahead.”

“But I don’t see any clawprints straight ahead. They seem to be going in circles.”

“Typical female of the species. She said she was going for the food cantine at the end of the path.”

“Which path? It’s all covered in snow.”

“And then she said just follow her tracks.”

“But this seems to be a main traffic path. Everyone is hopping in the same direction.”

“Then we have to sort out which tracks are our birds. I know Mable’s claws anywhere, They are pointed and sharp.”

“But Fred, all our claws are pointed and sharp. They all look the same.”

“Joe, think.  You should really know your own bird. I am sure the claw on the right is Gladys.”

“How comes you recognise Gladys claws Fred?”

“I recognise every birds claws Joe, don’t forget I am the boss of the flock.”

“Fred, that does not give you a right to know every mate’s claw. I had suspicions when she laid the last batch of eggs.”

“Me Joe, no never, I would never fertilise another birds eggs. Only my Mabel’s eggs, they are the best.”

“I am not sure Fred, the latst batch did have a strong resemblance to you. They all had that little bend at the end of the beak, like you.”

“Their beaks all bend a bit when they hop fresh out of the egg Joe. And now concentrate. That’s my Mabel, the claw on the left, the big one, she always had big feet and it is pointing to the left, so let’s go.”

“But they are pointing in all directions of the compass. Fred look there they are, sitting on the bird house.”

“Sitting on the bird house? We don’t sit on bird houses, we leave that to the small fry, the idiots, the sparrows. We sit on trees.”

“Not in winter Fred. Then it is every bird to himself. Look Gladys is flapping a wing to come and join her.”

“Stop Joe, where are you going?”

“To the birdhouse. No pecking around in that wet stuff on the ground and when Gladys calls, I go.”

“Wait for me, I can smell sunflower seeds and I love sunflower seeds. Mabel I am coming.”

Blackbird 10.12 (6)

Daily Prompt: Clawprints in the Snow

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Clawprints in the Snow

    • The blackbirds have a very own sound, probably when they get high on the seeds. I did have hemp growing in the garden, but not the sort that birds eat, more for human consumption.


    • And the blackbirds were still hopping around. We seem to have quite an invasion at the moment. They usually appear in a pair, but this week we have had a few pairs.


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