Daily Prompt: A life of bliss?


A life of bliss? Of course, I do not have to go anywhere or do anything. I sleep when I want to, I read a book when I feel like it and I even play stupid games on the computer, because I have the time.

Housework? Forget it, it does itself. And cooking – well there are takeaways and resturants. Life is now just one big blissful happy holiday and I even get money for it, called state pension.

And that’s that. I have have some stupid prompts in my golden oldie life, but they seem to get more and more boring and monotonours day by day. And now I will return to my life of bliss. I actually decided to retrieve my sewing machine from the cellar and return it to a place in the appartment. If I really get bored with my life of bliss I can always keep myself busy with the sewing machine. I noticed there is a bath towel where the edge just needs a little trimming. Just a quick zig zag and the job is completed.  Some time ago I wanted to shorten a pair of trousers and I had even forgotten how to thread the machine up.  Yes, I should shake myself out of this life of doing nothing and work again.

I spent years thinking of retirement, looking forward to it. It arrived eight years ago and I have been sitting around in my new life of bliss since, telling myself I only have to do what I want to and not what I have to. How wrong can you be. There is no life of bliss and if there was, the boredom would be complete. I have aches and pains to keep me occupied. You do not get retirement without having the trimmings to go with it.

And now I must go, I really have other things to do in my blissful life than write a blog. I have a piece of cake to eat and oh yes, the sewing machine. I can also watch the snowflakes falling outside.

Snow 10.12 (4)

Daily Prompt: A life of bliss?

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A life of bliss?

    • It is he unexpected illnesses that play unfair. I was looking forward to my retirement and at the beginning it was OK, but was it? I was never very active and 2 years ago my MS was discovered, left undiagnosed for at least 30 years and suddenly it has caught up with me.


    • I used to quilt, I used to knit and even crocher. Today I am no longer as active with my hands, due to my MS.Operating on a keyboard on the computer does not present such problems, but I am no longer as mobile as I was. You make so many plans for the days of retirement, but sometimes it does not work out as you would wish.


    • Basically I do enjoy retirement. I would really get worried about some stuff in the office, although the next day life continued. Now I think why did I make such a fuss. When you walk out of the door, no-one really cares about your future life. The moor has done his duty, let him go.

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  1. I was ready to retire even though I never expected I would. It’s odd. But I like it a lot and it has certainly shown me what really mattered (matters) in my life and it has made me wonder why I didn’t see it sooner. But maybe we’re not supposed to during our years of running “the machine.” I don’t know, but I’m so glad it’s over.

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    • I had mixed feelings, perhaps because I was given an early retirement – 2 years. I was still being paid a full wage for the two years. Mr. Swiss was already retired, but somehow I felt I was not quite ready. Of course I enjoy retired life at home, but realise with time I can no longer do the things I would have liked to do. What I realise that everything that was so important in your working life, is not really so important, because you have done your duty and it is time to go.

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  2. I also didn’t really retire. I got too sick to work. But I’m not bored. Usually. Between reading and writing and pictures and occasional friends, it’s okay. Not blissful or a thrill a minute, but it’s okay.

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    • i am doing OK, but I wish I had the energy to go out more for a walk. A couple of years ago I would visit dad in England on my own, take walks to town and today I am not fit enough to do such things


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