Good Morning


At least a bit of contour in the sky this morning and no grey sheets of cloud. It is clearing constantly and I have a feeling it will be one of those very cold clear days today, perhaps even with a bit of sunshine. We live in the more northern middle part of Switzerland, and are usually quite lucky not to get such extreme weather situations. Yesterday evening Zürich was caught in a snow storm which lamed the roads. Trams could no longer travel, and there were a few accidents, nothing too serious, involving busses. Here it was very windy, but no snow, not even rain.

Estate 14.12.2017

I got a closer look at the poles in our estate showing the outlines of the new building. It is larger than I thought and very long. Looks like next year will be a busy building year, again, but this time not on our block.


I had a closer look at my amaryllis plantation this morning. I now have them on the floor to prevent any further accidents if they might fall. The amaryllis on the left is the remains of my wonderful white amaryllis that lost all the flowers in a tumbling accident. The taller amaryllis on the right is the one I managed to regrow from last year and is already showing a flower, although not as tall as it was originally. The other two are new: a white one and a deep red one. I am hoping for a good show this year.

This morning was a day of new bed linen so we were both busy for a while getting it sorted. Actually it is no big problem. I can manage with the duvet and pillow but the fitted sheet is a bit strenuous which I leave to Mr. Swiss. It is now done. We had to do the week-end shopping yesterday as I will be on my own for part of the morning, which also has an advantage as I do have more time on Friday morning, but had a lot less time yesterday.

I just got a delivery of my MS medicine which we have to shift into the fridge that I have especially for the purpose in the cellar. It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but there was some sort of mix-up. As it is Christmas next week, I had to organised it earlier than usual. There is no cure for MS, and all you can do, in my case, is to inject a special mixture (which I do myself every second day) to slow down the progress. I suppose it works, but generally you take medicine to get better, and because you do not feel any immediate “getting better” effects you wonder if it is a good idea. All I know is that I have blue marks on my skin in various places from the injections, which do disappear after a week or so. I ordered 3 months supply which will be enough until March next year.

And now I should really move on, time is passing, although I am not going places today. Will just have a freshen up of my windows this morning. Have a good day everyone, the real stress begins next week with the Christmas shopping before the shops close down for 3-4 days, at least they do here.

Jura 14.12 (1)

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It has never really bothered me. If you put a new bottom sheet on the bed, then you put new covers on the duvet and cushion. I change them when I redo the bed, which is often enough. I do my duvet and Mr. Swiss does his and I am usually finished in five minutes at least. I iron the duvet on the wrong side, as everything I iron. Put it away in the cupboard like that. When I recover the duvet I put my arms into it, grip the corners of the duvet with the corners of the cover and just shake it and the duvet is covered automatically. The old duvet covers used to have buttons many years ago, thank goodness they now have zips.

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  1. When we lived in the condo in Boston, they added the final (third) complex and it was VERY messy, but at least it wasn’t us … just down the block. Is this the final structure? Or are there more planned? Maybe we should reserve a unit. I wish we could!

    It is VERY cold here, too. We have a couple of icy inches of snow on the ground and the sky is the same color as yours, a sort of whitish battleship gray. Probably snow is coming. These days, it almost always is.


    • This is the final structure, it took almost 20 years for the final planning permission, but it will now be built by the end of next year, so you have time to buy. We live in the original block that was built and have been the spectators watchind the rest being built. We know how the mess will be, but luckily it will all happen at a distance.
      Snow is on and off for us at the moment, but no big deal. It melts as soon as it arrives. We saw some blue sky today and the sun appeared now and again.


  2. Most people throw those bulbs out when they are done blooming. However, a neighbor of one of my colleague has a whole herd of the same variety of them. I have not asked if they are a particular species or just a variety. They look like the ones found in stores this time of year. they are sheltered, so bloom quite spectacularly.

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