9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 14.12.2017 Lillies

  1. Oh, I loved growing those back in the late 1980s! We grew the bit garish ones that were (back then) known as ‘rubrum’ lilies; but the simple Asiatics like these were my favorite, and they looked excellent in white too! You know, the rubrum lilies have a great fragrance, but when hundreds of them are bundled and bucketed and crowed into the same walk in refrigerator, the fragrance is overwhelming. It can make one nauseous. It was funny how such nice flowers can be so unpleasant in abundance, like all the pretty frosting on an overly decorated cake.

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    • My grandfather had a wonderful white lily in our garden in the midst of the dirt and grime of London, but it would flower every year. I don’t know where he got it, but it was at least 60 years ago. I had a lily once in the garden but I think it got attacked by something as the flower died before it opened. They are wonderful flowers, although remind me of funerals.
      The rubrum lillies are very nice, with their patterns.

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