Daily Prompt: When my Time comes


When you get to a certain age, your hair turns grey, you walk with a stick and you need twice the time to get out of bed in the morning, if you actually make it in one piece, you realise that it is time to stop thinking about what you will inherit. It is the time to think about what will the others inherit.  It is your turn now to leave something behind.

At one time all the surviving relatives would dive into the safe, sieve through the cupboards and look under the mattress to see what might be available. This has changed. Today there is a computer, two in my case, as well as two iPads  and they will be filled with 4,700 blogs on my  blogging platform plus another 1,500 blogs written on behalf of my cats, who also blog on the same platform. The problem is that when you blog daily it amounts. There will also be 33,000 photos online avaiable to inherit. I even have a list of all my passwords which is on a memory stick.

This, of course, does not include my connections on Facebook or Twitter which are many.

There are not even books to inherit, they are all on my Kindle. Money: all plastic. Reflecting on it all, I seem to have lead a cyber life. Was I actually here? When my time comes (which is what my dad alwas said) I will leave a list of passwords and web site adresses.

In the meanwhile I will continue to blog.

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When my Time comes

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: When my Time comes

    • I might leave them behind, but where will they go. I do not have any other bloggers in the family. I am the only one with such a strange hobby. We do get to know each other very well, even if only online. If I was a few years younger and did not have so many family attachments, I would be in Pamplona tomorrow. 🙂


  1. I spent the summer getting rid of my inheritance because there are no people to inherit it. It was very liberating. I’ve missed a few things, but not enough to care. Now I wonder why I have Christmas stuff. I didn’t put up a tree, I won’t put up a tree. I made a center piece because I’m having a little party. Every time I go to a thrift shop (and in my town those are pretty much the ONLY shops) I know I’m looking at some dead person’s garage or basement. HOWEVER I did buy a very beautiful cut lead crystal bowl for my fruit soup and one of these thrift shops. Only $10. The rejected inheritance of others is often a bargain. :p

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    • I cleared out my bits and pieces a couple of years ago with the idea that you should live as if you were moving house every month. Our problem is that we have a cellar and a hobby room. Unfortunately I am on a solo job as there seems to be a mysterious person who is filling up with junk again in various corners with the idea of what you do not see does not exist. We have a few bits and pieces of Christmas, but just enough for a large paper bag and not more.

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  2. No one wants what we have to give. We have art, antiques, books, dolls, furniture … but no one has room for it and they don’t have space in their homes for it. I have NO idea what will become of any of it.

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    • I used to keep stuff, but no longer. I have a few things from my grandparents, but not a lot from mum and dad. They got rid of a lot of stuff in England and I left when I was 20 years old.


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