Daily Prompt: Theoretically Speaking

Clouds 12.12 (2)

I am not going to confuse you with theory behind this cloud formation which I just saw outside, because I do not have a theory. This morning it snowed, the sun has arrived and the clouds are breaking up. I am sure a metorologist has a theory for this.

My school years were full of theories. It seems that many greek mathematicians had nothing better to do all day than discover the reason why, how and work it all out. We were afterwards punished by writing it all down and learning all about it. Pythagoras must have been a boring guy when all he had to do was stare at a right angled triangle all day and discover stuff about the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. I am sure Mrs. Pythagoras must have been annoyed whilst she was slaving with polishing the concrete pillars supporting her home and Pythagoras was just chiseling away at triangles.

Of course life is full of theories, but who cares. I do my own thing and if I have a bath, do not spend time on working out how much water is displaced. Mrs. Archimides had another problem. Whilst she was endeavouring to wipe up the mess on the marble floor of her greek home, her husband insisted she collect the water in a greek urn so that he could work out how much water his body had displaced in the bath.

Today I discovered a new theory, that if you leave a few pieces of vegetable at the bottom of the fridge in a compartment and forget they were there, eventually they have to be thrown away due to conversion into a soft matter, especially the remaining piece of cucumber that had hidden itself behind a tomato which also began to deteriorate. Vegetable matter tends to convert itself into a semi liquid state if overlooked, coupled with the fact that they might even begin to develop strange bursts of natural plants – like go mouldy.

But why bother with theories. All I have to say on this subject is Q.E.D. , which was to be proven. I hope I have not bored you with my theories. I am now still working on a world changing theory. What arrived first, the chicken or the egg?

Shadows 17.05 (2)
Daily Prompt: Theoretically Speaking

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Theoretically Speaking

  1. My new theory is that if I go to the supermarket with a list and a recipe, I will forget something. I’m hosting a small party for the “ladies” (my two neighbors) and we’re celebrating St. Lucia’s day, the beginning of Christmas in Sweden. My neighbor is Swedish and my grandma was so we thought it would be fun. I’m making fruktsoppe (fruit soup) and my Australian neighbor is making traditional Christmas buns. I forgot pineapple juice though I have NO idea how those Swedes in old times got pineapples and my theory is that my recipe isn’t traditional.

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    • Mr. Swiss was in Gothenburg, Sweden for St. Lucia as he was logistic manager for Volvo Switzerland and he told me all about the celerations. Will you be wearing lighted candles in your hair to set the scene? Perhaps it might be a bit dangerous. Anyhow there was all sorts of Swedish food on the buffet: first of all fish sorts, then wild stuff like elk, deer and stag. then there was a third serving with other sorts of meat. you did not get hungry. He knows all about St. Lucia. There were also a few songs sang in Swedish. One there was a group of Polish lorry drivers there to pick up the lorries they had ordered, and they joined in with their polish christmas songs. It is quite a thing in Sweden. Perhaps you could go hunting with Bear for a few special meaty dishes for the celebration. Do you have any wild pigs in your area? Anyhow have fun and enjoy the evening.

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  2. I have lost track of anything I could make that’s even remotely traditional. It’s Chanukah, so I could make doughnuts. Or I could grate potatoes and onions and make potato pancakes (Latkes). Oil is traditional at Chanukah, so anything greasy will do the job.

    But Christmas? There are so many traditions, I think everything is traditional, no matter what you cook. If it tastes good and people eat it, that’s good enough.

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    • I do as little as possible at Christmas. No more presents, no tree, and no baking Christmas biscuits and I don’t miss it. I will cook which I do in any case. The traditions seem to have moved to the supermarkets. I am fed up with Christmas, stress and inconvenience.


  3. I didn’t see your photo of the cloud formation. Just a note from Flickr saying it was not available. Must be one of those fat clouds Marilyn was talking about in her last post and it has invaded someone.

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