One Word Photo Challenge: Lock

Dad opening the Door

It was in 2006, 11 years ago. I was in England visiting my dad who was then 90 years old. I took the photo as he was unlocking the door of his house. Unlocking doors in London houses is not easy, especially if you live in an area where break-ins are not rare and so you have many ways of locking the door. Even the windows had locks on them. I must admit when I stayed with him I always had problems, but he had everything under control.

Funny thing is that I grew up in a “rough” part of London, Bethnal Green, the East End, home of the gangster family Kray. Of course we locked the doors to our old houses, although there was nothing really worth stealing, but the door was usually open during the day. I would be outside playing in the street or the women in the street might be standing on the door steps watching the world go by and having conversations. Today we live in a world of locks and keys.

A fond memory of dad when he was still living in his house. Note the cap on the head, it is general working class uniform. Even my husband, Mr. Swiss, wears one to keep his ears warm and that is in Switzerland.

One Word Photo Challenge: Lock

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