Daily Prompt: Tis the season etc. etc.

Advent Wreath

Not jolly perhaps, but when someone makes a special seasonal arrangement for you, you treasure it. My daughter-in-law spent time in organising a wonderful advents ornament and gathered the twigs and pine cones to arange with a candle in the middle.

Jolly is an adjective that I associate with Santa. He no longer visits me, because he is not here for me but for the kids. I remember the jolly santa in the big London stores. He always had a grotto and if they had the money, the store would also engage a Mr. Holly, as an assistant although that guy never really featured, he was just an invention of the store to make it all, well jolly.

In Switzerland you get the Sami Klaus that arrives with a list of your good and bad deeds. His assitant is the “Schmutzli”, dressed in a brown coat,  who carries a bundle of twigs tied together to punish the kids that have been bad. That is probably the Swiss version of the “me too” which seems to be the fashion at the moment.

We did not really get a “ho, ho, ho” type of santa in London.  As I got older and realised that it was all part of the Christmas show, I just saw a tired old man with a red face and an overweight stomach, dressed in red with a beard. He actually put kids on his lap (oh horror!) and whispered in their ear, like he did with me when I was younger. Unforgettable when I visited Santa, sitting comfortably and he asked me what I would like for Christmas. I was under the impression that you told Santa your heart’s desires,  so in my childhood innocence I did tell him that I wanted a baby brother.

He cast a look in my mother’s direction, who was standing very near to me waiting to pounce in case my contact got too close with Santa, and he told me “not this year”. Eveyone sort of laughed, mum least of all. I changed my wish to something more tangible like a railway train probably. I never did dolls, found them silly. Today the santa clause has to be careful. No more sitting on his friendly lap and having whispers in your ear, he could get arrested for a “me too” imitation. The Jolliness has now gone out of the Christmas.

Of course “me too” is not so jolly, but it really never happened to me. Did I miss something somewhere?

Santa sack

Daily Prompt: Tis the season etc. etc.

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tis the season etc. etc.

  1. When I was 5 or 6, on a street in the downtown part of our town (Englewood, Colorado) Santa told me I had been a bad little girl. I thought my dad was going to punch him. My dad then proceeded to tell me there is no Santa Claus. ❤ I had a great father.

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  2. You never missed anything. Trust me. You just got lucky.

    I never bought into Santa or any of the childhood fairies. I didn’t expect money under my pillow for a lost tooth or anyone trying to come down our chimney. For one thing, we didn’t even have a working fireplace, so he’d get stuck in the flu and never be seen again.

    But when I was young, I loved the songs and the parties and the lights. I didn’t believe in anything religious, but I loved having a bright holiday when the world was so dark and nights were so long. I still think there’s a reason why there has always — LONG before Christianity — been a midwinter holiday. We need the brightness to make it to spring!

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    • I know I did, I saw enough and heard enough from others. It seems the office Christmas parties could be dangerous territory. It was just that I did not seem to have what it needed thank goodness.

      I think I got santa until I woke up in the night when mum and dad were putting the gifts on my bed. Otherwise I don’t remember getting anynthing for a tooth.

      When I was a kid we had a real family get together every Christmas with a tree and presents from the aunts and uncles and we cousins (5 of us) would have our own little party in another room. Later in the evening we would pile in with the uncles, aunts, mums and dads. Funny that I still have contact with four of my cousins, one in New Zealand and the others still in England. One disappeared somewhere. There was lots of singing and dancing at the party and everyone just stayed the night at my aunts and slept where they found an empty bed or floor somewhere.


  3. I don’t remember ever actually visiting Santa when I was a kid. He came every Christmas Eve though. After we had finished the dishes and “The Program” the doorbell would suddenly ring. And surprise, in the garage Santa would have delivered presents. I am not sure how my parents snuck the presents into the garage but I know that my dad would go into the back hallway and flick the doorbell from inside. Santa came in the evening because we were early on his delivery route, being so far north in Minnesota. 🙂 I still believe in Santa Claus.

    I will be spending Christmas in Zermatt. Are there any Swiss holiday traditions I should know about? Any recommendations?

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    • I had the traditional English way of Christmas when I was a kid, with Santa bringing the presents during the night on Christmas Eve. Switzerland celebrates on Christmas Eve in the evening with presents around the tree and good food. Father Christmas doesn’t appear, he has done his bit on 6th December already bringing the kids sweets and nuts and tangerines.. Zermatt should be great at Christmas.

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