9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: Symphyotrichum novi-belgii – Aster

  1. YOU are correct. I suspect is the botanical name and Venus has been changed since I did any studying of the plants You often see it growing in wild land in the Northwest states. I don’t remember it range. There is a yellow one that blooms in the Spring called Oregon Sunshine. I wonder where my pictures are? I guess I need share for them.

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      • That is how it grows. It should come easy from seed. It native habitat gets cold in the winter with hot dried summers. The area we are living was originally sagebrush steppe, now made fertile by irrigation water. We need snow for summer weather and we haven’t had any this fall and winter.

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  2. The thumbnail looked like the tiny pig face flowers I was trending this morning in my succulent garden. I love those coincidences, because they speak to the connection that lies in all our doings around the world

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