Good Morning


It is a dark and dismal morning, the only illumination is from my computer. Outside it is raining. The mist withdrew yesterday afternoon at last and we even got blue skies. The only action are a few building workers who are still hovering around. Mr. Swiss saw them with a large plan that they were studying. Perhaps they were thinking about what they could do next year.  I will be glad when they have disappeared forever, but they do not seem to want to go.

Yesterday we had a small/big problem with our online shopping list. Someone managed to erase the link on my iPhone. This meant that there was no connection and we were not amalgamating our wishes on two iPhones. The problem at the moment is that when we arrive at the supermarket I walk around with the trolley and Mr. Swiss sits on a bench for a while as he has back problems and I am on my own. I do not really mind doing it alone, as I do tend to do my own thing, but I need the combined list. We spent at least an hour yesterday afternoon repairing the damage. It is one one of those things that you easily forget how to do it, when you do not often do it.

I lost my patience as it was working from my phone, but not from the other. Now and again we made a fresh start, and by some telephone miracle it suddenly worked. We are online together again. Yes, I know, the problems of a cyber golden oldie. This was the famous week-end shopping list, and no items must be forgotten.

Cheese Fondue

We even ran out of ideas for feeding time, but someone had the brilliant idea of a cheese fondue on Saturday evening. It is handy to do, because I do not compose or make it myself. It comes in a neat paket in the supermarket with all the ingredients (cheese and  white wine) and all you have to do is slowly heat it. Afterwards it sits on the table and cooks itself. I quite like it, but you have soon had enough. When you are finished there are the crispy burnt remains at the bottom of the pot to scrape out and the whole home smells of cheese.

Road to Langendorf 06.12 (17)

On our last trip to the supermarket I noticed these window decorations in  one of the local shops dealing with various flooring. It is quite well done, as behind the christmas decorations the window shows designs from our local town.

Otherwise we are living a boring life at the moment with no big action. I hope to get out today and enjoy a tour of the supermarket with all its thrills.

I noticed a couple of days ago a report in the newspaper that Cristine Keeler had passed away. She was a few years older than me. Who was she? She was the call girl that almost brought down the british government by sleeping with John Profumo, a british minister, and a russian diplomat at the same time. It was the early sixties and politics were sensitive about such things. This young lady was in the headlines and she was really nothing special, except for her good looks perhaps. Her pimp was a Harley Street doctor, who ran a chain of call girls, Stepen Ward, who eventually committed suicide after everything was discovered and featured in the daily newspapers. There was a lot more to it, but I remember the events of the day. The news was full of it. She later dropped into oblivion, and now she has gone, but it did warrent a headline in a British newspaper, one of the news stories I never forgot.

And now I will disappear into oblivion with my vacuum cleaner and my trip to the supermarket. Have a good day and do not despair, I will be back.

Road to Langendorf 06.12 (18)<

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I remember Christine Keeler. That was quite the story, even over here in the States. There was another girl involved, too…..Mandy something-or-other. Funny how certain stories stay in your brain. Enjoy your shopping trip and have a good weekend.

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  2. That was Mandy Rice-Davis who afterwards went to Israel and opened two nightclubs. It was quite a story at the time. It was all part of my teenage years growing up in London. Shopping now done and ready to relax.

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    • That doesn’t work with us. I can still not read his handwriting after almost 50 years and it’s in German. I have problems writing. Our cloud system does it for us.


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