Good Morning


I was expecting a glorious sun rise, hearing choirs singing and fireworks. Instead the only lights were from the christmas decorations belonging to the neighbours and a foggy, misty morning. After all it is my birthday today, and you would think an effort could have been made somewhere in the sky. On the other hand I am not alone in celebrating. Today is also St. Nicholas Day which means that the Santa Claus appears in many parts of Europe bringing Christmas biscuits, sweets and various nuts for the kids. I am sharing my birthday with a few million kids. This has an advantage that no-one actually forgets your birthday. I only really remember most people’s birthdays due to Facebook, but mine never seems to be forgotten. No big deal this year, as I am 70 +1 year. Last year was the big one.

Sparrows 05.12 (2)

Yesterday I had the feeling that I was being watched by a flock of birds. I think Alfred Hitchcock got his idea to make the film “Birds” from the sparrows. The gardiner had done a refurbish of my lawn which had suffered under the feet of the builders during the renovation work and the gardiners had resowed grass seed. My birds have their own canteen, a birdhouse, which is always full of seeds. I actually have the fattest birds in the area. However this is not enough and I caught them yesterday sitting on my newly prepared lawn eating the grass seeds. I scared them away and they fled to the trees waiting for the next opportunity. They were sitting, watching and waiting. I was surrounded.

Blackbird 05.12 (1)

In the meanwhile a female blackbird appeared and also decided to take a walk around this newly prepared lawn. I am basically a bird lover and do look after them in the cold Winter days, but they are now pecking the hand that feeds them. Blackbirds dig deeper than sparrows I noticed. She often flies off with a worm in her beak. So she retired to the edge of the garden when she realised I was not welcoming her with open grass seeds and sat there watching for the next opportunity.

Today I will be celebrating my birthday by visiting the supermarket and perhaps treat myself to something special for lunch, instead of thre usual Bratwurst or hamburger. I am thinking a nice tender piece of beef with the trimmings.

I noticed they now have the Christmas Tree at the local supermarket, so I took a photo as I do not have a Chrismas Tree at home. Enjoy the day, a happy St. Nicholas Day to all.

Road to Langendorf in Snow 04.12 (13)

29 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Happy Birthday! I did not know that it was also Saint Nicholas Day. It is also the birthday of one of my colleagues who is now a doctor and professor back at Cal Poly where we went to school. I will need to write to him today. He will not be getting a choir or fireworks or anything else either.
    It is funny that you know ‘the Birds’. It was filmed in Bodega Bay north of here, and Santa Cruz and other towns are mentioned in the movie. Alfred Hitchock lived in Scott’s Valley. An old friend of mine drives his old Ranchero (known as the Maverick).

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      • I write the garden column for the Canyon News of Beverly Hills, and I consult for Brent, my colleague, quite often. I actually write for newspapers between there and San Francisco, four hundred miles north. I live in Los Gatos near San Jose. The entertainment industry is a prominent industry, particularly in southern California, It started in Niles, closer to here, with the silent movie industry, and that Swiss guy, Charlie Chaplain! One of my garden parcels is in Brookdale where famous actors used to vacation. Shirley Temple had a rather luxurious home right down the hill. My grandfather used to make models and props for movies, and some of the furnishings in the home of my great Grandparents were taken from old movies rather than get thrown out. Even though I do not watch many movies or television, I am getting to enjoy seeing so many familiar sites in some of them.


        • That is very interesting. Charlie Chaplin is actually a Brit although had a villa in Switzerland where he passed away, Like many film actors, he lived in Switzerland due to tax reasons. In Gstaad in Switzerland there are many villas belonging to the famous Hollywood stars.

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